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Noel Gallagher: “‘Definitely Maybe’ was the last great punk album”

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Noel Gallagher has said in a new interview that Oasis‘ 1994 album, ‘Definitely Maybe’ was “the last great punk album”.

Gallagher made the comments during an interview with MOJO Magazine where he also compared Oasis’ breakthrough album to the Sex Pistols‘ only album, ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’.

“Definitely Maybe was the last great punk album in many respects,” he told the magazine. “We were a punk band with Beatles melodies. We had no effects, barely any equipment, just loads of attitude, 12 cans of Red Stripe and ambition.”

Comparing ‘Definitely Maybe’ with the Sex Pistols’ album, he added: “If you listen to that and ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’, they’re quite similar. That album was about the angst of being a teenager in 1977. Fast forward to 1994 and ‘Definitely Maybe’ is about the glory of being a teenager.”

He continued: “It’s being down the park with a ghetto blaster distilled. It’s no coincidence that it’s lasted this long. Maybe there have been technically better or bigger records since, but that album is the real fucking deal. There’s no bullshit on it. It’s an honest snapshot of working-class lads trying to make it.”

Meanwhile, last week, Oasis shared a new lyric video for their classic track ‘Acquiesce’ – you can watch it above. 

The song will appear on the 25th anniversary reissue of the Manchester band’s 1998 B-sides collection ‘The Masterplan’, which is due for release in various new formats on November 3 (pre-order/pre-save here).

The official visuals for ‘Acquiesce’ combine archive performance footage of Oasis with vintage, ’90s-inspired imagery. The lyrics, meanwhile, play out onscreen and on an old-school TV set.

Originally released back in 1998, ‘The Masterplan’ contains singles from Oasis’ first three albums, ‘Definitely Maybe’ (1994), ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ (1995), and ‘Be Here Now’ (1997).

The compilation charted at Number Two in the UK Official Album Chart and sold almost 122,000 copies in its first week of release. It’s since gone on to be triple platinum and has sold over three million copies worldwide.

‘Acquiesce’ first appeared on the CD edition of ‘Some Might Say’, which became the group’s first UK Number One single in 1995.

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