No timeline for new Slipknot record but sound confirmed

Corey Taylor confirms Slipknot don’t have a definite date in mind to begin sessions for their first new album since 2008 but he says the next record will have a specific sound.

He tells “Honestly, Slipknot is looming on the horizon. That’s what’s next in my mind anyway. I’m writing some demos. Clown is putting some things together. Joey is doing Scar The Martyr, but he’s a fucking machine. He can write at any time. This band is just loaded with writers. We don’t have a definitive start date, which is fine. That’s okay for us now. When we’re ready to make the album, we will. That’s the mindset. Next year we’re going to get together and start putting the pieces together.

“That album (Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses) is a bit of a peek at what I think the next album will be. It’ll be a cross between Iowa and Vol. 3 in a lot of ways, while also evolving the way we always have. The stuff I’m writing right now is really dark. The stuff Clown is coming with is fucking beyond. It’s really cool. It’s going to be cool to get the alchemists in the same room and see what happens.”

Taylor also speaks at length about the impact Black Sabbath – and Geezer Butler – had on him in his youth. He adds: “The first time I heard them I was at a friend’s house in Waterloo, Indiana. His uncle was living in the basement. He had this massive, crazy 70s stereo. You know the ones that are made of sweet, rich mahogany and giant speakers that were always crappy [laughs].

I can remember Paranoid coming on, and my friend’s uncle was playing along to it on guitar. Not only was it the first time I heard Sabbath, but it was the first time I heard someone playing guitar in a live sense like that. I remember going: ‘This is heavy as Hell! What is this?’ It was really cool. For one of my birthdays, I had my grandma get me Black Sabbath’s Greatest Hits.”

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