Week 14 has beguin in the NFL, and with fewer than four weeks remaining in the 2019 regular season, the NFL playoff picture is coming together quickly based on the current AFC and NFC standings.

Here is an updated look at what each conference field would look like now, what teams are still in contention and what teams should already be thinking about the offseason:

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NFL standings for Week 14

Lamar Jackson

AFC playoff picture

Who would be in?

1. Ravens, first place, AFC North (10-2) — The Ravens are playing like the best team in the NFL. They jumped the Patriots for the top seed with their Week 13 win over the 49ers and New England’s loss to the Texans in Houston, thanks to a convincing head-to-head tiebreaker. They are running away with the division, three games up on the Steelers and four games up on the Browns. Up next: at Bills

2. Patriots, first place, AFC East (10-2) — The Patriots fell here after losing to the Texans in Week 13. They have now lost two of four games in the toughest stretch of their schedule. They can’t afford to lose much more to AFC teams, or else they will be playing with fire and putting a first-round bye at risk. Up next: vs. Chiefs

3. Texans, first place, AFC South (8-4) The Texans finally solved the Patriots riddle at the best possible time in Week 13. They maintained this seed over the Chiefs and kept a one-game lead in the division over the Titans, whom they still need to play twice. Up next: vs. Broncos

4. Chiefs, first place, AFC West (8-4) The Chiefs ripped the Raiders in Week 13 but couldn’t move up after the Texans, who beat them earlier this season, upset the Patriots on Sunday night. The Chiefs get their own New England test this week. Up next: at Patriots

5. Bills, second place, AFC East (9-3) — The Bills have a strong hold on the top wild-card position as they continue to take advantage of a favorable schedule. The big win at Dallas on Thanksgiving was huge ahead of a tougher final-month schedule. They’ll keep pushing the Patriots in the division. Up next: at Ravens

6. Steelers, second place, AFC North (7-5) — The Steelers stayed here after taking care of the Browns at home in Week 13 to split their season series. They hold the tiebreaker over the Titans because of a better conference record. Up next: at Cardinals

Who can get there?

7. Titans (7-5); 8. Raiders (6-6); 9. Colts (6-6); 10. Browns (5-7)

The Titans jumped ahead of the Colts by beating them in Indianapolis. The Raiders failed to keep pace with the Titans by losing to the Chiefs and the Steelers dragged the Browns farther down.

Who’s on their way out?

11. Jaguars (4-8); 12. Broncos (4-8); 13. Chargers (4-8); 14. Jets (4-8)

The Steelers and Titans getting to seven wins hurts all their chances. The Jaguars and Jets suffered bad losses in Week 13, while the Chargers lost to the Broncos.

Who’s out?

15. Dolphins (3-9); 16. Bengals (1-11)

The Dolphins were eliminated Sunday despite their win over the Eagles. The Bengals can’t do better than five wins, which isn’t good enough. They’re bad enough now, despite a lone win over the Jets in Week 13, to secure the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Drew Brees

NFC playoff picture

Who would be in?

1. Saints, champions, NFC South (10-2) — The Saints wrapped up the division title by beating the Falcons on Thanksgiving. They got the bonus of the 49ers losing and the Seahawks winning in Week 13 to jump up to No. 1 because they hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over Seattle, the new NFC West leader. New Orleaans can further sink San Francisco in Week 14. Up next: vs. 49ers

2. Seahawks, first place, NFC West (10-2) — The Seahawks beat the Vikings to close Week 13  to jump up from No. 5. They hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over the 49ers after also beating them on a Monday night. They can’t let up if they want to catch the Saints and stay ahead of the 49ers. Up next: at Rams

3. Packers, first place, NFC North (9-3) — The Packers rebounded from their loss to the 49ers in Week 12 by ripping the Giants on the road in Week 13. They saw the Vikings lose on Monday night to increase their lead to a full game in the division. Up next: vs. Redskins

4. Cowboys, first place, NFC East (6-7) — The Cowboys have dropped three in a row after losing at the Bears to open Week 14, but they will stay in first place going into Week 15 no matter what the 5-7 Eagles do on Monday night because they hold the head-to-head tiebreaker. With no real shot at the wild card, the Cowboys probably need to win out to win the divisoin again, including Week 16 at the Eagles. Up next: vs. Rams

5. 49ers, second place, NFC West (10-2) — The 49ers lost an interconference game to the Ravens in Week 13 for their second defeat of the season. They fell out of first place with the Seahawks beating the Vikings. San Francisco needs to beat New Orleans in Week 14, or it will risk having to be on the road for the playoffs. Up next: at Saints

6. Vikings, second place, NFC North (8-4) — The Vikings stay here after they lost to the Seahawks in Week 13. They’re now a full game and head-to-head tiebreaker behind the Packers in the division. They are only one game up on the Rams for this second wild-card spot. Up next: vs. Lions

Who can get there?

7. Rams (7-5); 8. Bears (7-6); 9. Eagles (5-7); 10. Buccaneers (5-7); 11. Panthers (5-7)

The Rams walked back into the wild-card race with a win over the Cardinals in Week 13.. The Bears opened Week 14 with a big win over the Cowboys, but they need the Rams, to whom they lost, to lose twice more before they can think about chasing down the Vikings. The Eagles hurt their NFC East chances with a bad loss in Week 13, but the Cowboys keep losing to help them stay alive and well.

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Who’s on their way out?

14. Redskins (3-9)

The Redskins stayed alive in the NFC East race with a win over the Panthers and losses by the Eagles and Cowboys, but they remain a real long shot in the division, unlikely to win out against the Packers, Eagles, Giants and Cowboys.

Who’s out?

12. Lions (3-8-1); 13. Cardinals (3-8-1); 15. Falcons (3-9); 16. Giants (2-10)

The Lions and Falcons were eliminated with their respective losses to the Bears and Saints on Thanksgiving. The Giants and Cardinals were eliminated with their respective losses to the Packers and Rams on Sunday of Week 13.

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