New Video: The Graeme Watkins Project ‘You Come Running’

The Graeme Watkins Project, affectionately known as GWP, release the music video for their brand-new single ‘You Come Running’.

Watch the music video for ‘You Come Running’ here –

The animated music video was conceptualized and created by Nathan Ro of Hivemind studios, and each band member was animated into their own unique dog character which best suite their personality. The music video is another visually brilliant release from the band.

What is the single about? Graeme Watkins explains: “It’s about being taken advantage of and being unappreciated during a relationship. It’s the heartache that follows when someone is absolutely committed to a relationship, but it’s clear the other person involved is not as in it as their partner”

Since the release of their debut album ‘Corridors of the Mind’ back in 2011, the Graeme Watkins Project have delivered countless hit singles with tracks such as ‘Music Affair’, ‘Bloodshot Eyes’, ‘London Bridge’ and ‘Soldier On’ becoming sing-along favourites for fans at live shows. The release of ‘You Come Running’ is no different as the band makes it clear that the 80’s sound has always driven the inspiration behind the band’s writing and recording process.

Arguably their strongest single to date, there’s no stopping GWP as they continuously produce incredible new music. If fans are lucky, there might even be an album release on the horizon soon…

‘You Come Running’ is available across all digital platforms


Catch The Graeme Watkins Project Live!!

Sat 26 May – Rumours Rock City, Cresta, Johannesburg


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