Loui Lvndn (pronounced ‘London’) releases ‘I Got You’ as the second single from his debut album ‘Your Princess Is In Another Castle’, out now through Gallo Record Company.

Watch the lyric video for ‘I Got You’ here: https://youtu.be/CTq0L6Aq558

Lvndn reveals a more vulnerable and imploring side of himself in ‘I Got You’ setting the scene around 4am – right after the party ends – with only one thing on his mind. The high gloss, dark pop landscape becomes a playground for Lvndn’s sultry lead vocals whose meandering range give pressing drama to the record. Backed by funk guitar, fanciful strings, neon bass and the bounce of the 808, ‘I Got You’ makes for a booty call that gets you dancing right on over.

Lvndn delves deeper into the theme, explaining The song is about a booty call – haha. The 4am phone call is a call I’ve made on more occasions than I’d like to admit. I’m referencing that girl who I’m not really in an official relationship with, and I really wanna keep it that way, but she still is the first thing I think of when the night is done. When I sing ‘I got you’ I’m letting her know that she shouldn’t look further for love in the night. It’s a relatable balance between desperation and desire, I think. There’s been a girl(s) I had this kind of affair with, but all that’s in the past now, my princess is in my castle. About princesses, this is the part of the main characters journey where he finds himself starting to regularly see this potential princess, and in fact has feelings for her. the rest of the story unfolds in a track-by-track sequential narrative in the album. I was inspired by records like ‘Get Lucky’ by Pharrel and ‘Ocean Drive’ by duke dumont — how they’re super funky but maintain so much mystery and darkness. I wanted to tell that late night call story and what immediately came to mind was a playfull and flirtatious sound, tentative but needy, over the top yet simple.”

The release of ‘I Got You’ follows debut track ‘Kill Her Killer’, which saw its visually powerful music video released towards the end of 2017. Watch the music video for ‘Kill Her Killer’ here: https://youtu.be/5B9ti3N-MvQ

Loui Lvndn’s full-length debut album titled ‘Your Princess Is In Another Castle’ is inspired by Super Mario and his futile quest to save his princess from the clutches of Doom. Lvndn explores the repetition faced in playing the actual game for days, slaying the devils, clearing the levels, only to be told after each painstaking stage that “Your Princess Is In Another Castle.” Using this as a metaphor Loui explores the pursuit of happiness (and most of all – love) in a Novella styled album​ that details his quest and failure in a linear track-by-track narrative.

Even the album artwork (Art Directed and designed by Lvndn in collaboration with a photographer and design consultants) futurises the Mario setting and made Loui the main character traversing the digital plain where his journey takes place. The neon colours, short of pixels, elude to the video game theme and plain in which the album is set.

The fresh and exciting Loui Lvndn sound has been compared to that of Pharrel Williams and N.E.R.D, Lenny Kravitz, Kid Cudi and even Kendrick Lamar among other greats by those enthusiasts who unanimously appreciate the wunderkind as World Class South African talent shooting for the moon.

The album was produced & mixed by Jumping Back Slash, egineered by Alex Coetzee and mastered by Loui Fourie at Sine Sound and Mastering. Additional Instrumentation by Tyrone Parsons. Composed and Written by Loui Lvndn. ‘Body of Work’, ‘Nothing’s Ever Perfect’ (Digital Bonus Track) and ‘Landed’ (CD Bonus track) featuring and co-written by Sowetan ‘Township Tech’ guru, Spoek Mathambo.

‘Loui Lvndn – Your Princess Is In Another Castle’ Tracklisting:

  1. Fire Is the New Black
  2. Kill Her Killer
  3. Body of Work (feat. Spoek Mathambo)
  4. The House
  5. I Got You
  6. How Come You Are Not?
  7. Langa Lami
  8. Search Party
  9. Your Princess Is In Another Castle
  10. By Nature
  11. Demon Girl
  12. Blame
  13. The Time
  14. Lift It

DIGITAL BONUS TRACK: Nothing’s Ever Perfect (feat. Spoek Mathambo)

CD BONUS TRACK: Landed (feat. Spoek Mathambo)


Loui Lvndn’s debut album ‘Your Princess Is In Another Castle’ is out now in all good music stores and across all digital platforms: http://smarturl.it/LouiLvndnYPIIAC


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