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New Jupiter’s Legacy Image Unleashes Josh Duhamel’s White Hot Superpowers on Netflix

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A new, quintessentially superhero-looking image has now been released from Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of the comic book Jupiter’s Legacy. Written by Mark Millar, the story is a sprawling superhero epic, with Millar himself describing the live action series as being “part-2001, part-Avengers, part-Godfather II”. That’s quite the legacy to live up to.

The newly release image shows Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson AKA the legendary superhero The Utopian, battling Tyler Mane’s villainous Blackstar. Firing powerful blue beams from his eyes, Duhamel looks every bit the aged superhero, with the image teasing the exciting comic book action to come.

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Jupiter’s Legacy will follow the story of the world’s first superheroes, who received their powers in the 1930s. Fast-forwarding to the present day, they have become the revered elder guard, but their superpowered children struggle to live up to the legendary feats of their parents. The events are kicked into gear by Sheldon Sampson, a patriotic American who lost everything in the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Together with a small group of his friends and family, Sampson charters a boat to a mysterious island 600 miles west of Cape Verde after the island appears to him in a dream.

After journeying to the island with his brother Walter and a group of five old college friends, including his future wife Grace, Sampson returns to the United States and becomes The Utopian, a Superman analogue, with the others also imbued with different powers. Together, they form a Justice League-esque team called The Union.

The scope of Jupiter’s Legacy is huge. Spanning decades and detailing the adventures of the original superheroes, their children, and their children’s children, Millar has promised fans that Netflix’s adaptation will not shy away from the scale of the story.

“It’s a 50-year story self-contained inside one franchise. It’s got a cast of 50 or 60 super-characters. The story starts in 1929 and runs until the end of time. It runs through all time and space and explains the mystery of human existence, all tied into a superhero story.”

As vast as the scope of the story sounds, Millar has also assured fans that the streaming giant has never once raised concerns or considered scaling things back. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“There hasn’t been one conversation where someone said, ‘Can we make that explosion slightly smaller?’ Ambitious ideas are being rewarded.”

This is not the first time that Millar has teased the series’ grandiosity, having already compared Jupiter’s Legacy to the likes of other cinematic classics such as The Lord of the Rings. “I wanted to do one story that would become the biggest superhero epic of all time,” he said. “I wanted to do the superhero Lord of the Rings that would be timeless and just a bumper collection of books people would be reading in 50 or 100 years time… [Jupiter’s Legacy is like The Godfather] in the sense that it’s about an unusual family at the heart of the most outrageous situation. But it feels incredibly human and very layered because you can relate to everybody within the story and it gives it that humanity.”

Jupiter’s Legacy is set to premiere on Netflix on May 7, 2021. This comes to us courtesy of Empire.

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