New Album: Rus Nerwich ‘The Whisperer’

Saxophonist and composer Rus Nerwich has once again shifted his musical direction and his new album titled The Whisperer was released on Friday, 24 March. Woven together over the past three years, The Whisperer is a rich sonic journey, autobiographical in nature, its openness and honesty allows listeners to fully comprehend both the album and Nerwich’s creative scope and vulnerability.

Throughout his career, Nerwich has sought to move outside traditional genres. By piecing together complimentary elements from hip-hop, jazz and dance music, his work is layered and at times complex, and although The Whisperer is similar in this way to his previous albums, its construed intellectualism is finely balanced with a whimsical playfulness; a result which is difficult to achieve but a delight to experience.

Committed to using sound and music to inspire, uplift and ultimately communicate, Nerwich has represented South African music in a host of countries, including France, Argentina, Israel, Czech Republic and Canada. He has developed a unique musical approach and sound, both reflected in his recorded work and live performances. His music school in Woodstock is a hive of musical learning and creativity; a testament to Nerwich’s broad interest in sharing music and his love for it.

The 10 track album is available for digital download on iTunes as well as on vinyl a partner release between Tones of Note and Roastin’ Records. Click here to order.


Dry Your Eyes – Written and dedicated to Nerwich’s brother Brett who passed away recently, Dry Your Eyes is a bare offering from one brother to another. A blues guitar riff sets up a raw and emotional vocal – new territory for Nerwich. It all sits tight in a pocket hip hop groove! The track reaches its climax as Nerwich blows a soulful saxophone over a harmonious blend of horns.

Hey Now – A track that reflects on the current political climate in South Africa, Hey Now features South African MC, Soul Pros with an honest take on life for those struggling and hustling to make a life for themselves, and then Nerwich takes it back to the Shtetl…

One Fine Day – A musical interpretation of Nerwich’s children’s book, if De La Soul met Dr. Seuss, this is what it would sound like.

The Whisperer – This conceptual work explores the misrepresentation of truth and its blind acceptance, the consequences of which result in discrimination, hate and ultimately war – fertile ground for further exploitation.

The Other Side Of Midnight – Featuring Lee Thomson on trumpet, The Other Side of Midnight creates a reflective space. With its hypnotic broken beat and sweeping guitars, punctuated by the sound of harmonized saxophones.

Brotherly Love – Co-produced by Leighton Moody, this is an easy head bobber featuring soprano saxophones signing melodies sweet and soulful.

Dr. Feelgood – an ode to the late and great musical legend Prince and the second single to be released.

Yilibaleni – A collaboration with Kanyi Mavi – Yilibaleni was the precursor to Dr. Feelgood and is a thumbing Afro-house banger.

Thanks for The Struggles – Inspired by Ari Kruger’s Short film Focus, This tender blend of film score composition and contemporary hip-hop, lay the foundation for Nerwich to offer some of the lessons he has learnt in the last years.

Faith – A sonic painting bound together by the masterful drumming of Kevin Gibson. Found objects, Saxophone and organ blend to create a space for thought and contemplation.

Watch The Whisperer official music video here.

Watch The Making of Dr. Feelgood | Rus Nerwich & Pete Philly here.

Watch Yilibaleni Interview feat. Rus Nerwich and Kanyi Mavi here.



Digital download: iTunes

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