Naas Veld confirmed for Oppikoppi 2013!

Naas Veld is a new name on the local music scene but the person behind the guitar has been around for a while. Naas first started out as the lead guitarist of award-winning Afrikaans rock group eF–eL. He played for the group for five years before deciding to pursue his solo career after the group split earlier this year. A combination of folk, rock, pop and jazz influenced styles brings a fresh breeze which the local music scene has not yet experienced.
His witty and uplifting lyrics complement the music that he also writes and produces himself. The lyrics and melodic rhythm contributes to the passion of each song.
He is currently working on his first album that will be available later this year. Until then, fans can catch him at live shows were they’ll form part of a dynamic group.
The singer-songwriter has been listed as one of the most promising guitarists in South-Africa and this unique sound puts him in a different class.
While on stage with his band Naas Veld, Sure ain’t a let down.

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