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Mysterious ramshackle home spotted teetering on treacherous California cliff

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A precarious “home” constructed of driftwood and various other debris was recently spotted in drone footage mysteriously teetering at the foot of a notorious, sheer California cliff, just above the cool spray of the Atlantic Ocean.

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The home — which looks like something out of The Swiss Family Robinson — is an impressive, though hastily-built, multi-storied structure that appears to have multiple rooms and walkways, with some parts even roofed by canvas or other materials, according to incredible footage posted on Youtube by aerial photographer @ParallaxEffect.

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“We were hiking along the California coast in a spot familiar to us and I noticed something odd down on the cliffs,” the drone operator wrote in the caption, calling it “one of the most incredible human structures I’ve ever seen.”

A single chair blowing in the wind suggests that perhaps there was someone living in the home, or at least whoever built it would occasionally visit to relax by the ocean.

Structure from google earth
The structure is visible from a Google Earth image from 2022.
Google Earth

It’s not clear, however, if the home, which had also been captured on camera in Nov. 2022, was able to survive the harsh winds and waves of the Northern California winter.

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Youtuber users flooded the comments at the shocking sight reported by SFGate on Thursday — with some saying the structure, located at the edge of the treacherous Devils Slide cliffs near Pacifica, had been significantly damaged since the footage was taken.

“This shack has been there for many years, but it was almost completely destroyed during last year’s winter/rains,” user Dan Sullivan commented below. “This video was either taken before last winter, or the shack has been rebuilt over the past couple of months.”

The structure sits at the foot of the steep Devil’s Slide cliffs near Pacifica, south of San Francisco.
Adobe Stock

Video poster @ParallaxEffect responded that he figured that it would be destroyed. They also don’t suspect that anyone lived there when they filmed it.

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“First of all, there was no sign of someone being present from any of the footage. Second, the wind and waves in the winter would obliterate this. It may already be gone, the images I shot are almost a year old,” he wrote in the comments.

“Third, the resources needed to get all that material to that place, albeit driftwood and ocean debris, are not superficial, nor would the skill and effort required to build the structure,” he wrote. “I concluded, and still do unless shown otherwise, this was done as a project by someone, or a group, during the pandemic.”

Pacific Ocean from the Devilâs Slide trail
It’s not clear how much of the structure survived the winter.
Getty Images

The Post has reached out to @ParallaxEffect for more information. Images from Google Maps from 2022 show the structure still apparently intact.

Tamas Holczer commented that the structure in the video is actually the second iteration of a home constructed by an artist named Boris. Holczer said he had met Boris a few years ago and the artist created the home as a “get away spot” to paint whales.

Sullivan shared a similar encounter, writing that “A trail docent told me that some ‘crazy Russian hermit’ built it and lives there on and off.” He wrote that he saw the man walk over the guard rail with a bunch of supplies and watched him make the 30-minute trek down to the shack — “and that’s probably much easier than going up.”

Not far from the mystery house, a suicidal doctor  Dharmesh Patel drove off a 250-foot cliff with his wife and two children in the car in January. All four miraculously survived.

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