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Mortal Kombat Reboot Fans Declare Josh Lawson’s Kano Steals the Show

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The release of the Mortal Kombat reboot was met with some mixed opinions with fans when it was released on Friday, but most seem to agree that Josh Lawson absolutely killed it as Kano. Directly inspired by the hit video game series, some fans say Mortal Kombat is the new greatest video game movie ever made. Others are a bit more critical, but even some of the more negative reviewers have still been praising Lawson’s killer performance.

On Twitter, one fan posted: “I dug Mortal Kombat. Screw the haters. Were there a few things they could’ve done better? Sure but EVERY movie has that. At face value it was a solid film. Kano was actually by far my favorite in the film though.”

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“[As] someone who has played Mortal Kombat since 1992, I have never liked or been a fan of Kano,” says someone else. “The Mortal Kombat movie just changed all that! Holy [email protected]&t Josh Lawson is fantastic and [email protected]&king hilarious!”

“Josh Lawson absolutely Killed it as #Kano Stand out character,” another satisfied viewer tweeted.

Wanting to see much more of Lawson as Kano, another fan said, “After watching #MortalKombatMovie all’s I know is that I want a Kano Black Dragon prequel spinoff film.”

One person puts it more humorously by writing: “BREAKING: The Actor who played Kano in the recent Mortal Kombat film, has been hospitalized for back pains from carrying the entire film sources tell.”

“I totally enjoyed Mortal Kombat. Was like a Saturday morning cartoon in all the right ways. Kano stole the show,” reads another mini-review. “I have no idea what the reaction to this film is but that’s my take and I’m sticking to it.”

And AEW pro wrestler Evil Uno tweeted: “Evil Uno thought the new Mortal Kombat movie was a ton of fun. Kano is by far the MVP.”

Prior to the movie’s release, Kano actor Josh Lawson spoke about his role in Mortal Kombat with Fans had yet to see what he meant, but according to the actor, the role was just as fun to play as it looked, given his sense of humor and complete lack of morals.

“I think a lot of people will say it’s fun to play the bad guy. Right? Why is that? Why is it fun to be villainous? I think it’s permission to say and do the things we can’t in civil society,” Lawson said. “Kano does not have that filter. He is self-serving, he is greedy, he’s opportunistic, and there’s something fun about getting permission to do that. Yeah, we never do it in life, nor should we.”

Producer Todd Garner has also explained that Kano’s presence left no room for another big personality like Johnny Cage, which is why Johnny didn’t appear in the movie. Now that people are seeing Lawson’s performance in the role, Garner’s comments make a lot more sense. To see what everyone is talking about, you can catch Lawson as Kano in Mortal Kombat, which is now playing in theaters and on HBO Max.

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