Hear an exclusive mini-mix in conjunction with the newest release from the London nightclub.

Ministry of Sound is releasing its annual compilation album with sounds and artists representing the grooves heard on the dance floor in the iconic London nightclub.

The three disc, 66-song compilation, The Annual XXV, includes tracks by Stardust, Tori AmosDarude, Groove Armada, Duck Sauce, David Guetta and many more. Hear an excluive mini-mix featuring tracks from the compilation below.

Launched in 1995, the first edition of The Annual was mixed by Pete Tong and Boy George. Since then, DJ Tall Paul has mixed several of the early editions of The Annual.

“I never thought The Annual would be that successful!,” Tall Paul tells Billboard Dance.

“To out-sell established bands at the time was unheard of. To be involved with some of the biggest selling comps of that era was so cool. All the albums are really a true time capsule of club music. But it’s very strange: there’s such nostalgia right now about that era, the samples and the riffs. I was in Ibiza in July and I heard two DJs play ‘Let Me Show You’ by Camisra and the place was going nuts for it! It’s taken 25 years for this stuff to be cool. What I didn’t know at the time was I was capturing a moment!”