Minesweepa details his experience of Los Angeles is in his new experimental trap single, “LA,” out now on GT Projects.

Known for his undaunted attitude and even more daring approach to music, Minesweepa continues to solidify his spot as one of experimental bass music’s most relentless producers with his new, uncanny and truly trippy single, “LA.”

Best described as reminiscent of Getter’s 2017 single “Inhalant Abuse,” this hard-to-pin-down track is sure to leave listeners heads spinning. Through distinctly unique bass and familiar iMessage samples, Minesweepa details his experience of what the city of Los Angeles is like. The slow, eerie trap single was recently premiered on EDC Orlando’s main stage during Minesweepa’s debut set.

Fans of Minesweepa can expect more releases from the Oregan-based producer to come as he continues pushing forward with his consistent release schedule. “I’m gonna do my absolute best to give you the best Minesweepa I can,” he wrote to fans on social media. “I want you guys to have the best version you can possibly have.”

Stream or download Minesweepa’s new single, “LA,” out now on GT Projects. 


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