Delve into the complex and emotion-laden love story portrayed in MindMassage’s new music video.

Tap into a well of raw emotion with “Indecisive,” the new video from MindMassage featuring soulful EDM vocalist Rosa. The sensual feel of this song is represented well by the vintage, crimson aesthetic captured in the video. “Indecisive” is the lead single from MindMassage’s forthcoming album, Emotion. The song speaks to the trials and tribulations of a complex love story while providing a musical environment of intoxicating house beats and chill grooves to paint the setting. This is a fantastic video to delve into a deeper mood for listeners who are feeling “some type of way.”

Manchester’s Alexander Golombeck, better known as MindMassage, creates, composes, and produces his own heartfelt works with the intention of inspiring his listeners toward social change. The feelings presented in his music are refreshing to discover. “Indecisive” is a beautiful follow-up release to “Sailing Away,” his recent colorful and melodic single that pulls on your heartstrings in a very different sense. Whatever Golombeck touches, you can be sure it is executed with sincerity. Whether you’re in the mood to kick back or cut a rug, MindMassage’s “Indecisive,” along with the accompanying music video, is an indulgent choice to set the tone.