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Mike Tyson is playing himself in a new superhero movie

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Mike Tyson will be playing himself in Bunny-Man, a new superhero movie that is being filmed in Italy.

Tyson attended a press conference held in Turin this week, with Italian producer Andrea Iervolino and writer Enrico Remmert to announce the new film.

As per VarietyBunny-Man involves “a multimillionaire superhero who strikes against evil forces in anonymity wearing a rabbit mask. He is driven by the desire to avenge his sister.” The sister dies by suicide after “suffering a violent act, images of which wound up on the internet,” a synopsis seen by the outlet read.

Bunny-Man will be filmed in Italy, with the rest of the cast and the director behind the project currently unknown.

Producer Iervolino described Bunny-Man as “innovative” and said much of it will be filmed on a “virtual set”.

“We are excited to embark on this innovative project, 95 per cent of which will be shot on a virtual set…we are redefining the boundaries of cinematographic creativity with the goal of offering the audience a unique experience.

“We are also proud to have a legend like Mike Tyson in our cast, who will certainly help make ‘Bunny-Man’ even more special,” he added.

The former heavyweight boxer Tyson has appeared in a number of movies before including a version of himself in The Hangover and The Hangover Part II. The former world heavyweight boxer also appeared in’s Scary Movie 5, Ip Man 3 and Vendetta.

A release date for Bunny-Man has not yet been confirmed.

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