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Man claims auto shop disappeared after waiting over a year for his truck to be fixed: ‘Story doesn’t line up’

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A man is demanding answers after claiming he dropped his car off over a year ago at an auto shop that apparently no longer exists.

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Oklahoma resident Micah Jones dropped his car off at Jones Auto in March of last year after crashing it into a tree, but he hasn’t seen the vehicle since, according to KFOR-TV.

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Jones claims he was told it would take about 90 days to fix his mangled truck, but now says the “whole story doesn’t really line up” after countless texts exchanged between him and the owner of the shop, Kirby Gallagher.

Fed up, Jones took matters into his own hands and made a trip to the exact auto shop he dropped his car off at, only to arrive at a deserted building with no sight of signs, people — or his car.

Micah Jones claims an auto shop disappeared after waiting over a year for his car to be fixed.

Photos of text messages provided to KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4 reveal the vague responses left by Gallagher after being questioned by Jones regarding when the car would be ready.

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“Can I get the car today? Can I get the car today? Car today?” Jones texts the owner on Aug. 31.

“We are getting a plan for today at tag office,” Gallagher shoots back, to which Jones responds, “A plan for what?”

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“Bringing the car and pick up two more,” a strange text back from Gallagher then reads.

Jones texts back two more times the next day but wouldn’t get a single response from the owner.

Jones told the local news station he’s feels he’s been given the runaround by Gallagher, with excuses followed by more excuses.

Micah Jones says he took his car into the auto shop after crashing it into a tree, but he was told the repair would take 90 days.

Jones says he’s fortunate to have friends that let him borrow their cars to drive on occasions.

“People have been very generous. I think I’ve borrowed seven different cars or something like that. So, I’m very thankful for the people who have just allowed me to borrow here and there,” said Jones. 

Jones has since filed a lawsuit and two police reports with the Jones and Oklahoma City police departments.

Micah Jones says when arriving to what he thought was the auto body shop, he noticed there were no signs, people, or his car in sight.

The local news station reached out to Gallagher with hope for any leads on where Jones’ car could be, let alone the auto shop he supposedly owns.

“We took out more than we could, and I had some employees hired that I thought were better than they were, and they weren’t. And, you know, there’s no excuses. It kind of sucks… I made several promises. And based on the actions of other people, to made me look like a fool… It’s just a stupid mistake,” Gallagher reportedly said.

“Sometimes it’s not as bad as they look when they’re all crunched up. And I’ve picked a lot of cars that looked worse. I thought, the worst that can happen is we can’t fix it…” he explained. “My guys took it apart. We took it to the frame shop. He tried to pull on it and said, I don’t know. And then we pulled back the shop and was going to try to find another donor car, you know, for the inner frame rails and stuff… I just couldn’t find anything… And then I got busy with a bunch of other jobs and kept getting on the back burner.”

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