LION RAJ releases his second single with the music video and it sounds and looks like a lot of

This song gets your fingers snapping and feet tapping. It is colourful and summery, how can one not love it?

The year was 2000, and this was the year that marked the start of Lionel’s music career when he picked up the guitar for the first time. For the past nine years, he has been performing everywhere with his band The Inside Job and they’ve been making the most of every opportunity, ever since. Now, he is taking also moving forward as a solo artist and is proud to introduce this project under the performing name, LION RAJ. To keep things going Lion Raj releases his second single and music video titled “Fun”.

Watch “FUN” here!

“FUN” is connected to his first single called “Eleventh Hour” which is all about life, death and last chances dedicated to his mother while “Fun” is all about good times moving forward. After losing his mother and going through a very low point in his life, it didn’t mean he can not enjoy the highs thereafter.

Lion Raj is no stranger to the scene. Just 4 months after picking up the guitar, in 2000, he won 3 awards at the national ATKV for best composer, best original song and best group. The stories behind each of his songs will make you smile, laugh and even tear up. His live shows are energy driven and fun. He will keep you captivated all the way through a performance.

Lion Raj tells how ‘Fun’ came to being…
“When I wrote this song, I myself was not having fun at all. Ironically enough I was in a bad state.
My mother just passed away and I was trying to get myself to enjoy the little things in life again. I had to look after my mother for the last year of her life and when my mother passed, there was this void, where she was. There was no one to look after anymore. My mom was a warrior and her name was Ellen Frances.

I started to write and the majority of my songs I write to myself. I write about the victory before I even put my feet on the battlefield. Out of nothing comes this song called, ‘FUN’ and amazing things happen when you put pen on paper, it changes the outcome of events completely. This song has personally lifted me out of a bad space in my life and I hope it can do the same to others.”
Lion Raj – Fun Music Video Snapshot 3.jpg
Information about the music video…
The music video was shot outside Ou Meulteater in Paarl on a warm winters day. It took under 120 minutes to shoot with Anel Skye as director and Daniel Saaiman capturing it.


Everybody in front of me, I hope you feel free
Free from hate, free from anger
Free from anything that is bothering you

We are going to have fun tonight
Anxiety out of sight
There’s a party here tonight
Is everyone doing all right?
We’re going to set the roof on fire
Then we lift the spirit higher
Make out light shine mighty brighter
Leave our ship behind and feel lighter
So light up!

Oh yea, fire it up
Things are heating up
Let the haters shut up!
We got a good thing, let’s not slow down
We got to fight the frown
Kick it out of this old town

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