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Liam Gallagher blasts Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as “full of BUMBACLARTS” after Oasis nomination

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Liam Gallagher has taken aim at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in a new string of social media posts after Oasis made the nominees list for 2024.

This year’s Hall Of Fame nominations came out yesterday (February 11), with Ozzy OsbourneMariah Carey and Sinead O’Connor also making the list.

“Fuck the Rock n Roll hall of fame its full of BUMBACLARTS LG,” Gallagher wrote on X/Twitter today (February 12) in response to the news.

The former frontman also told a user who was planning on voting in the fan ballot to not “waste your time”, adding that “as much as it’s appreciated it’s all a load of bollox”.

Another X user asked the artist how he instead felt about his 2018 NME Godlike Genius Award, to which LG replied: “I mean cmon you can’t be turning things like that down.”

He was also asked if his views had changed at all since 2021, when he said he “wasn’t interested” in the idea of Oasis one day being inducted to the Hall Of Fame. “It’s not even Rock n Roll,” he insisted in a new post.

Another fan claimed that Oasis deserve the honour “like no other band”, prompting Gallagher to reply “there’s something very fishy about those awards”.

While he did concede that Oasis were “still deserving”, he also agreed in another reply that Shania Twain should be inducted before Oasis.

To be eligible to be nominated for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, an artist or band must have had their first commercial recording at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. It’s the first time artists including Oasis, Osbourne, Carey and more have been nominated.

Fellow nominees expressed more pride at the recognition. Osbourne said he was “deeply honoured”, while Carey said she was “beyond excited and thrilled”.
The winners will be announced in late April, and a formal induction into the Hall will take place in Cleveland this autumn.

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