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Letitia Wright Says It “Was Not My Decision” to Have Daily Wire Distribute ‘Sound of Hope’

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Letitia Wright is distancing herself from The Daily Wire after the right-wing media company co-founded by Ben Shapiro teamed up with Angel Studios to distribute her new film Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot.

The Black Panther actress, who served as an executive producer on the faith-based film, took to her Instagram on Sunday to clarify that she was not involved in the decision to partner with The Daily Wire.

“To be clear, after we completed the production of this film, Angel Studios were brought on board to handle its distribution and they later partnered with The Daily Wire,” Wright wrote. “That was not my decision, and I was not given an update or made aware of this decision. I am in no way aligned or affiliated with The Daily Wire. I am thankful for all who want to positively champion this film and campaign to serve children. However, I do not condone using this beautiful film for divisive political purposes. That is not why I joined the project.”

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Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot, released on July 4, follows the true story of Bishop W.C. Martin and Donna Martin and their church in East Texas, and their efforts to help 22 families adopt 77 children from the local foster system.

Jordan Harmon, president of Angel Studios, said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, “This powerful film takes a stand for vulnerable kids, and we’re pursuing partners who are passionate about this fight. Angel Studios is grateful for both Letitia and Daily Wire’s partnership on getting this story out into the world, and we encourage everyone concerned about the foster care and adoption crisis to get involved and see SOUND OF HOPE.”

Angel Studios, which also produced the faith-based hit film Sound of Freedom, initially acquired Sound of Hope from Peacetree Productions. Angel Studios later struck a deal with The Daily Wire to distribute the movie in theaters.

The Daily Wire’s CEO Jeremy Boreing said in a statement to the Daily Mail, “The Daily Wire is truly honored to partner with Angel Studios on such an important project. But, such is the intolerance of the modern left that instead of celebrating this accomplishment and all it might mean, one of the film’s producers, Letitia Wright of Black Panther fame, used the occasion to condemn The Daily Wire’s involvement in sharing this message across the country.”

“Letitia and I probably don’t share the same politics, but I believe we share a Christian faith and, more importantly, the same goal of shining a light on something we can all agree on – a community banding together to help kids in need,” Boreing continued. “We hope people don’t allow this distraction to steal from the message from the film and the impact it can have. Everyone should see this movie and join the fight for kids.”

Elsewhere in her social media post, Wright highlighted that the story’s deeper message initially drew her to the project.

“We have created a beautiful film that gives a voice to vulnerable children, with the hope that families across the country & world, no matter their faith, race or diversity, would join together to help children, to be moved to make a difference in any way they can,” Wright wrote. “Which is why it’s a shame to see small pockets of discourse online take a divisive political turn. This story isn’t about politics, it’s about children. It’s about sacrificial love for children who have experienced unthinkable horrors and how communities at a grassroots level — like the community of Possum Trot — can help provide the safe, loving homes they so desperately need. Any conversation that detracts from that is unnecessary and harmful. The potential for this film to positively change lives is far too important.”

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