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Leslie Jones Better Be the Villain If Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 Ever Gets Made

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If Zack Snyder ever gets to make Justice League 2, Leslie Jones expects to play the lead villain. Back in March, Jones was among the millions of DC fans watching the much-anticipated four-hour “Snyder Cut” when it premiered on HBO Max. On Twitter, she was particularly vocal about her opinions of the extended movie, live-tweeting the experience with 87 total tweets while using the hashtag #longassmovie.

At the time, Zack Snyder noticed all of the attention Jones had been giving to the movie. In a tweet posted to his own account, the filmmaker said directly to Jones: “The official ZSJL whisperer, I bow to you my queen.” Recently appearing on The Tonight Show, Jones was asked about the moment by Jimmy Fallon. When Jimmy remarked that the nod was “cool,” here’s what Leslie Jones said in response.

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“Yes, it is [cool], and it’s going to be even cooler when he put me in the next one. I better be in the next one! I live-tweeted for four hours, I damn well better be the star of the next one! I want to be a villain, and I want to be the worst villain. I want to be the villain that people are like, ‘Somebody kill this bitch.’ I mean, my knees ain’t good, but, you know, as long as we get a stunt double, we good.”

As the story goes, Joss Whedon was controversially brought in to finish Justice League when Zack Snyder abruptly left the project. He had an entirely different vision for how the movie should be, leading to multiple rewrites that drastically altered the final cut. For years, fans have campaigned for Warner Bros. to bring back Snyder to complete his version of Justice League, dubbed as the “Snyder Cut” by fans. This culminated in the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League in March.

While Zack Snyder’s Justice League was exceptionally long, Snyder fans were pretty happy with the movie. Wanting to see more where that came from, a new social media campaign has been launched for Warner Bros. to #RestoreTheSnyderverse. The idea is to convince the studio to bring back Snyder to develop more superhero movies in his own separate cinematic universe while Warner Bros. still moves forward with the DCEU.

As it stands now, there are no plans at Warner Bros. to develop any new superhero movie projects with Snyder. That could always potentially change in the future as the release of the Snyder Cut itself has proven. If enough fans call for the studio to expand the “Snyderverse” as well, the possibility remains that a sequel to Zack Snyder’s Justice League just might happen some day. If it does, Snyder can probably expect to get a call from Jones asking which supervillain she’ll get to play.

After appearing in the comedy sequel Coming 2 America on Amazon Prime, Jones has been spending these days hosting a reboot of Supermarket Sweep on ABC. The former Saturday Night Live performer is also set to host the MTV Movie & TV Awards show which will be broadcast on May 16 and 17. This news comes to us from The Tonight Show.

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