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LeAnn Rimes was “uncomfortable” recording “sexual song” for ‘Coyote Ugly’

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LeAnn Rimes has shared that she felt “uncomfortable” while recording a “sexual song” for the 2000 film Coyote Ugly.

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The singer had a cameo in the cult-classic film when she was only 17. She appears towards the end of the film and joins the main character Violet Stanford for a duet of the track ‘Can’t Fight The Moonlight’ at the Coyote Ugly bar.

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Rimes had four songs featured as part of the film’s soundtrack. The tracks were ‘Please Remember’, ‘But I Do Love You’, ‘Can’t Fight The Moonlight’ and ‘The Right Kind Of Wrong’.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper’s Wired column (per Music News), Rimes opened up about how uncomfortable she felt recording ‘The Right Kind Of Wrong’ at only 17.

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“I have such a great appreciation for those songs and what they’ve done for me, and how much people love them,” she said. “But it’s funny with ‘The Right Kind of Wrong’ because I remember that song being such a sexual song, I remember recording it and I was feeling uncomfortable recording it because I was so young.”

Rimes shared that though she felt uneasy while recording that track due to her age, she now feels a “sensuality” when she performs the track at this stage in her life.

“Now [the song] takes on a whole new meaning for me. I’m obviously not uncomfortable singing it now – so there’s like a different sensuality that comes out with the song that definitely was not there when I was 17,” she said.

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Speaking about her appearance in the film, the singer said: “I was 17 and throwing it back on this bar dancing and still totally finding myself, not even a clue about my body or how it moves. And then it’s like, ‘Here LeAnn go be sexy on this bar’. I was like, ‘I don’t even know what that means’, it was a wild experience!”

In other news, earlier this year, Rimes performed at a Beach Boys tribute concert alongside the likes of John LegendBeckBrandi Carlile and St. Vincent.

Other acts who performed as part of the star-studded line-up included Fall Out BoyMumford & SonsWeezerCharlie PuthLeAnn RimesMy Morning JacketNorah JonesLady A and Pentatonix.

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