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Lauren London Says She Was Initially “Apprehensive” About Joining ‘You People’ Cast

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Lauren London said that while she was initially “apprehensive” about signing on to star in Netflix’s You People, she ended up feeling “very protected and taken care of on [the] set.”

The ATL actress stars opposite Jonah Hill in Kenya Barris’ comedy that follows an interracial couple and their families as they navigate modern love and family dynamics centered around race, societal expectations and generational differences.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight published online Monday, London said, “Before doing the movie, I was just apprehensive [if] this a story I want to contribute to. I just wanted to make sure that is a story that I wanted to contribute to.”

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“I [also] asked them, ‘OK, well, why her and him?’ Because she was written like hella stylish and he was like this… very low-key [guy],” the actress continued. “So, to me, it had to be about their soul connection and not what we saw appearance-wise or [why] we would assume these two people would date. It was about them meeting, connecting and having a soul connection.”

Barris told ET that production “begged” London to join the cast because “she was so important” to the movie.

“I felt very safe because Kenya is a friend of mine,” London added. “I felt very protected and taken care of on this set. I think when you feel safe in any environment, you’re allowed to just flourish and blossom in that way. And for me, I was like an observer – I just took in all this talent and all these masters at their craft, and I was extremely humbled and grateful to be there and participate.”

Barris previously explained to The Hollywood Reporter how he and Hill, who also produced and co-wrote the film, first came together as collaborators: “We were both from L.A. and we were like, ‘There’s never been a love letter to L.A. from our generation.’ We wanted to write a love letter to L.A., a love letter to the culture. And I think that’s hopefully what comes across to the audience.”

You People, which also stars Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny, will be released on Netflix on Jan. 27.

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