KZK101 Tutoring’s Music Essentials – a condensed yet comprehensive 12-week course that assumes some self-taught musical ability. Presented in 12 packaged, hour-long class-format lessons and one hourly individual review session each week, no group of students has more than ten people, to ensure that every pupil receives personal attention. Performing, writing or producing music without ear training and a firm understanding of music theory is like navigating a ship without a map, it has been said. It might still get you somewhere, but perhaps not where you’d have liked to be. This music theory course is designed to help you gain a professional command of the mechanics behind most of the music that you enjoy, and will arm you with music history, knowledge of scales, intervals, chords, arranging, ear-training and sight-reading abilities.

Quality course materials are provided for each weekly lesson.

Elements of music (theory 1-8)  |  Practice and mastery  |  Relative solmization
|  Ear training and sight-singing  |  Meter & rhythmic patterns  |  Melodic and rhythmic dictation
Individual and ensemble work  |  Two- and three-part work  |  Pitch names
|  Intervals  |  Scales and modes  |  Key signatures
Functional harmony  |  Chord progressions  |  Harmonic analysis
|  Harmonic dictation  |  Score reading  |  Western Music History (1-4)
Music Styles (Genres)  |  Applying Music Theory  |  Music terminology

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Should you prefer a full course with international recognized certification, see the following: KZK101 Tutoring