When the bigoted hate group the Westboro Baptist Church announced that they were going to be protesting at Kim Petras‘ tour stop in Kansas City (Sunday, Dec. 1), fans were immediately concerned about having to deal with the homophobic picketers. Lucky for them, the pop star had a plan. 

Upon hearing of the announcement shortly before her show, Petras made clear to her fans that they ought to pay them dust. “This is my official statement on wbc picketing my show in kansas tomorrow,” she wrote, accompanying a short mashup of her videos with Famous Dex’s “Hoes Mad” playing in the backgroud, and a fake news chiron saying the same thing. “This is the energy i’m bringing n it should be yours too.”

The star doubled down on that promise when about a dozen protesters actually showed up to her show. Clad in a black leather bodysuit with a long black coat, black boots and a high pony, Petras waltzed right in front of the protest and simply posed for her photographers, ignoring the group’s chants and grinning the whole time. “Update. Hoes still mad,” she wrote on Instagram. 

After releasing the short clip, Petras was praised by her pop peers for her expert-level trolling abilities. Stars like Slayyter, Charli XCX, Todrick Hall and Chester Lockhart all commented on the star’s perfect response. “This is literally genius,” wrote fellow pop singer Grimes, while Katy Perry herself simply called Petras an “icon.” 

This isn’t the pop star’s first interaction with the organization — last month, billboards went up with Petras’ face plastered all over them near thew Westboro Baptist Church’s headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, encouraging them to “Call me, baby.” While Petras told TMZ that she was not responsible for the billboards going up, she said that it was hilarious that “they have to see that every day.”

Check out Kim’s iconic response to the Westboro Baptist Church below: