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Kevin McCarthy predicts Hunter Biden will be subpoenaed at the ‘appropriate time’

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy predicted that first son Hunter Biden will eventually be subpoenaed — when the timing is right.

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“The one thing the American public has to understand is there’s a strategy behind everything,” McCarthy told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

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“We only follow facts. Hunter Biden will get subpoenaed, but when’s the appropriate time? Do you do it because television wants it, or do you do it around the facts and the timing?”

Last Tuesday, McCarthy announced he was directing three congressional committees to commence an impeachment inquiry against President Biden over his family’s lucrative foreign dealings.

The House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees are now leading the impeachment probe.

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Kevin McCarthy
The White House has accused Speaker McCarthy of caving to hardliners by directing the impeachment inquiry
Sunday Morning Futures/Fox News

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer explained last week that his panel hasn’t gone after Hunter via subpoena yet due to the legal complexities of going after the first family.

“He could fight the subpoena in court. It’s very difficult. I think if it were easy to get a president or their son in front of a House committee that the January 6 committee probably would have done that with Donald Trump,” Comer (R-Ky.) told Newsmax last week.

Notably, the now-defunct Jan. 6 Committee subpoenaed Trump for testimony just before the 2022 midterm elections. It also subpoenaed some close to the Trump family such as Kimberly Guilfoyle, the fiancée of Donald Trump Jr.

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“I think we should have the bank statements to actually know where did the money go, so you would know the questions to ask Hunter Biden,” McCarthy said. “To just subpoena Hunter Biden because you want to fundraise, or you want to do something, that’s not how we’re going to run an investigation.”

Comer’s panel has already fired off a barrage of subpoenas and sought voluntary cooperation from key witnesses. It has already heard from some such as Hunter’s longtime business partner, Devon Archer.

Hunter Biden
Initially McCarthy indicated that an impeachment probe would only come after a vote on the House floor but when it was clear he lacked the votes he did so unitarily
Saquan Stimpson – CNP

Archer testified that President Biden occasionally participated in some of Hunter’s business calls to simply engage in quick niceties, but emphasized he was not away of the soon-to-be president discussing business.

The president and the White House have strenuously maintained that he was not entangled in his son’s business affairs.

McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry announcement came in the shadow of a bitter interparty skirmish over how to fund the government.

As is required every new fiscal year, which begins at the start of October, Congress needs to fund the government in some fashion or face a shutdown.

In late May, Republicans agreed on the Fiscal Responsibility Act to raise the nation’s borrowing authority as part of the debt ceiling kerfuffle.

Hunter Biden on the cover the NY Post
Hunter Biden was formally indicted on charges for lying on a firearm purchase form about his addiction to drugs

The debt ceiling merely correlates to how much the government can borrow and does not fund the government.

As part of that debt limit deal, they also agreed to top-line appropriations numbers in advanced of the government funding process.

But, as McCarthy has acknowledged, progress on advancing the necessary 12 appropriations bills to fund the government has been slow. That is why he is seeking a temporary stopgap continuing resolution to avert a shutdown.

Hardliners in his caucus have demanded further cuts below the agreed upon numbers as well as other concessions such as bolstered border security in exchange for a CR.

“I understand the frustration we have with this administration. But it’s a difference of strategy,” McCarthy warned. “I’ve been through shutdowns and I’ve never seen somebody win a shutdown because when you shut down you give all your power to to the administration.”

Complicating his efforts is the fact that he is grappling with a narrow four-seat majority in the 221 to 212 House, which is down one seat now that Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Ut.) has resigned.

If Congress fails to properly fund the government and leans on a CR by January of next year, there will be an automatic 1% spending cut, per the Fiscal Responsibility Act.

McCarthy’s Democratic counterpart, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) described the Republican Party as being embroiled in a nasty “civil war.”

Hakeem Jeffries
Hakeem Jeffries blasted House GOP dysfunction
Getty Images

“Let’s be clear, House Republicans are in middle of a civil war,” Jeffries said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“We urge our Republican colleagues in the House to join us, stop fighting each other, end the reckless, reprehensible Republican civil war and let’s get to the business of the American people.”

The House has 13 calendar days and eight legislative days to resolve the impasse and keep the government’s lights on.

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