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Kelly Ripa explains health concern that had Mark Consuelos skipping ‘Live’ taping

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Mark Consuelos is on the mend. The “Riverdale” actor missed the taping of his “Live with Kelly and Mark” on Thursday — and wife Kelly Ripa explained why at the top of the show.

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“He came down — you know, he tested negative for everything but he’s really sick and I felt so bad for him and this morning he came into the bedroom,” Ripa, 52, explained to the audience. “He was sleeping in Joaquin’s room last night and he came into the bedroom and he goes ‘babe I think I can power through.’”

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Ripa, however, sent him right back to bed.

“I pulled that sheet up over my face and I said ‘I really feel like you need to go back to bed. You look and sound terrible. And also, please get out of this room,’” she explained. “He’s got a fever, and that to me always signals something else. But he’s like, ‘I tested negative for everything so I’m fine!’”

Amid his absence, Ripa was joined by DJ Deja Vu. Friday’s episode was pre-taped.

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Earlier this month, Consuelos, 52, also revealed on-air that he injured his finger over Labor Day weekend.

“It’s so embarrassing,” he said at the time. “I was playing beach volleyball and I went to set a ball, and I feel like it hit my finger just a little strange, and I continue on, and my finger, at the tip, was at a right angle and it just stayed like that.”

Ripa jokingly chimed in, “Just the tip?” as they both laughed.

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Consuelos and Ripa — who are parents of Michael, 26, Lola, 22, and Joaquin, 20 — began co-hosting the ABC daytime show together in April. The actor took over for Ripa’s former colleague, Ryan Seacrest.

Consuelos had previously filled in nearly 100 times through the years. “I had filled in so many times and had a blast every single time,” he said when his full-time gig was announced. “Some people would die to have this opportunity. No one does it like she does. … I can’t think of anybody that I feel more safe with, and protected by, than Kelly.”

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