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Karin Ann shares funky new single ‘She’

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Karin Ann has released her funky new single, ‘She’.

The Slovakian indie-pop singer dropped her first song of 2024 on Friday (February 9). ‘She’ begins with a gritty intro and subsides into an effortlessly danceable chorus, accompanied by Karin Ann’s soft vocals: “She doesn’t like what’s on TV, always immersed in her dreams / She asks about mine, and always tells me ‘you have to have some’”

“I don’t dive deep into the details of my songs; I enjoy letting people discover their own meanings and relate them to their own lives,” said Karin Ann of ‘She’. “My struggle with insomnia often leads me to write during sleepless nights.

“One night, browsing through my phone notes, I stumbled upon a sentence that sparked inspiration. Most of my songs lean towards the sad or melancholic, but this particular lyric was different. I find it challenging to write happy songs, so it felt like creating this character allowed me the freedom to explore new territories with ‘She.’”

Watch the hand-drawn lyric video for ‘she’ below:

A few weeks ago on her social media, Karin Ann also teased a mysterious project called ‘Through The Telescope’, which is “coming soon”. She posted a video showing the singer at work in a studio in California alongside producer and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Davis Lazar (Joan As Police Woman).

Karin Ann recently supported the likes of My Chemical Romance in Warsaw, and has previously played alongside Imagine Dragons, LP, and Alfie Templeman. She is set to play at SXSW, which will take place from March 8-16 – get your tickets here.

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