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Julia Roberts Reveals She Passed on ‘You’ve Got Mail’ But Has No Regrets: “It’s All Kind of Destiny”

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Julia Roberts has starred in her fair share of rom-coms throughout her acting career, but she revealed there’s a beloved film that she passed on.

During an appearance on Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the Leave the World Behind star was asked by a fan if there were any roles she regrets passing on.

“Well, none that I have regrets about because I feel it’s all kind of destiny,” Roberts responded. “But what have I passed on that went on to be great and wonderful, and I thought it maybe wouldn’t have been as great and wonderful with me? You’ve Got Mail.”

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Meg Ryan went on to star opposite Tom Hanks in the 1998 flick. But the Oscar-winning actress explained that not getting roles was part of the job, adding that Ryan “was supposed to be in Steel Magnolias, and she was still filming When Harry Met Sally, and so I got that part.”

Roberts continued, “Cate Blanchett was supposed to be in Closer, but she got pregnant, and so I got that part. I’ve lucked into some good stuff.”

Elsewhere during her conversation with Cohen, the Pretty Woman actress was asked if there was a film from her decades-long career that she would like to see receive a potential sequel. 

“I think, maybe, My Best Friend’s Wedding,” Roberts said. “Because there’s so many people in it, and to see what they’re doing and how Kimmy and Michael’s marriage is going and…”

The host proceeded to chime in with a follow-up question: “Who do you think Michael should’ve married in My Best Friend’s Wedding?”

“Well, I mean, of course, Jules,” she responded. “But he married Kimmy.”

The 1997 rom-com follows a woman who realizes she’s in love with her long-time friend who just got engaged, so she sets out to win his heart, only days before the wedding.

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