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Jonathan Majors breaks up teen girl fight amid assault charges: wild video

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Jonathan Majors sprung into action as a real-life Marvel hero this week to stop a fight between two high school girls — amid facing his own assault charges.

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A video obtained by TMZ captures two young girls, whose faces are blurred, punching and tussling each other to the ground as other classmates watch — and record — the brawl.

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The fight took place outside of LA’s Hollywood High School on Monday as Majors was dining at the In-N-Out across the street.

“Our school police are currently investigating this incident but, as student matters are confidential, we cannot offer further comment at this time,” a Los Angeles Unified spokesperson told The Post on Thursday.

The girls in the recording go at it for 30 seconds until the “Creed III” star comes running in and does his best to separate both parties.

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They try to swing at each other even as the 6-foot actor stands in between the teens, but a source told TMZ that the girls dispersed after the video ended.

Jonathan Majors breaks up fighting high school girls amid assault charges — see the video
Majors, 34, stepped in to separate two brawling high school girls in LA on Monday.

Paparazzi later caught up with Majors — who is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, during a fight in Chelsea in March — and asked him about the dueling high schoolers.

He claimed he did not know the girls but “of course” wanted to step in and make sure nobody got hurt once he saw it happening.

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“What’s your message to the girls?” a photographer asked.

“Stay cool,” the “Devotion” star advised.

The Post has contacted Majors’ reps for comment.

Jonathan Majors breaks up fighting high school girls amid assault charges
Majors was apparently eating at In-N-Out across the street from the high school when he saw the fight break out.

Jonathan Majors breaks up fighting high school girls amid assault charges
The fight went on for 30 seconds while presumably other students stood around and recorded it on their phones and laptops.

His domestic assault trial was expected to start in Manhattan on Sept. 6, but it got delayed again, with Majors only having to make a brief appearance via video.

While the strangulation charge has since been dropped, Majors currently faces charges of misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault and harassment.

Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudhry has maintained Majors’ innocence since his arrest, claiming that it was his ex Jabbari, 30, who attacked him and he was trying to get away from her during the March 25 incident.

The judge scheduled the next hearing for Friday, during which a new trial date will be set.

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