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Jon Stewart Calls “Penis-to-Penis” Trump Trial Coverage “Numbing”

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Jon Stewart continued with his criticism of the media’s coverage of Donald Trump‘s New York trial during Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show. “It has been another big week of wall-to-wall, nonstop penis-to-penis coverage of Donald Trump’s trial,” Stewart said at the start of his monologue.

Stewart, who typically hosts Monday night episodes of the Comedy Central show, missed the start of this week in a pre-announced absence that was likely due to his live appearances in Los Angeles last weekend. Instead, he hosted this week’s Thursday episode.

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Also, this week, Stormy Daniels testified in the former president’s New York hush money trial, further fueling an onslaught of headlines regarding the lawsuit.

“The ubiquitous coverage is numbing, fading into televised wallpaper with insight that only occasionally crackles through,” Stewart continued.

This week’s episode is not Stewart’s first time going after the media’s coverage of the trial. In a Daily Show segment aired at the end of April titled “America’s Most Tremendously Wanted,” Stewart said that the trial “will obviously be a test of the fairness of the American legal system. But it’s also a test that of the media’s ability to cover Donald Trump in a responsible way, a task they have acknowledged that they’ve performed poorly in the past.”

“Perhaps this hyperfocus by our news media is purposeful, to distract Americans by keeping visions of dancing penises in their heads,” Stewart continued on Thursday. “All the while, Americans are losing their freedoms at home.”

The rest of his monologue touched on right-wing backlash against the Biden administration’s clean energy initiatives, the Boy Scouts of America’s official name change to Scouting America and the president’s recent threat of withholding further weapons from the Israeli government.

“The Biden administration has paused one shipment of 3,500 munitions of the over 300,000 munitions Israel has already dropped on Gaza to try and prevent the Israelis from attacking the area where all the refugees of this war are currently sheltering,” Stewart said, then touching on conservatives — including Trump — who said the move on Biden’s part was disgraceful.

“My apologies to you, Rabbi,” Stewart said satirically in response to Trump’s comments. “Thank you so much for taking time off of your condom-less porn star hush money trial to deliver a shame lecture to Jews. I will reflect on your moral standing next Yom Kippur.”

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