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Jon Huber Remembered as Pro Wrestlers Pay Tribute to Late WWE & AEW Star

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Following the recent passing of Jon Huber, many of his colleagues and fellow pro wrestling stars are paying tribute on social media. Huber, who wrestled on television as Luke Harper in WWE and Brodie Lee in AEW, died of a lung issue on Saturday at the young age of 41. Along with wrestling fans across the world, the news came as a complete shock to everyone in the business who knew Huber. That includes AEW’s Cody, who wrestled Huber in what would become his very last match, paying tribute with a post on Twitter.

“My heart is stricken by the loss of Brodie Lee,” he says. “It was obvious he was an extremely gifted athlete and storyteller, and his gift beyond that was to challenge you and he set the bar very high. Upon anybody’s first meeting with him… it was even more apparent he was a family man and a first class human being. I got to share his last number… I got to have his last match. That is an honor and a privilege and an experience so ferociously humbling. Thank you ‘Big Rig.’ We will honor you and your family.”

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Bray Wyatt, who worked with Huber for many years as part of the Wyatt Family stable, also posted a lengthy tribute message on Instagram. Including a series of photos of the two together, here’s what Wyatt wrote about the man he once held the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship with.

In full, Wyatt’s post reads:

“You were my best friend. My brother, my partner, my Terry Gordy. We changed this whole game because we refused to do it any way but OUR way. We were always at our best when we were a team I think we both knew it. We fought like brothers because we were. I’m so g–damn pissed. This isn’t how it was supposed to be, it was supposed to be us fat, bald and useless running Wyatt Family spots in high school gyms in our 70’s. Where do we go now? What do I do knowing I’ll never hear your condescending sarcasm as I am riding high. I miss you so f—ing much already. I would do anything just live through our worst moments again I can’t believe you’re gone.”

“I’m so sorry brother. I’m so sorry. You will always be a part of me, whether I like it or not without you everything is different and I hope Amanda truly knows that I am here not just to say it but because I love them too. I will make sure your son knows the incredible man you were. Not the legends people will tell but the real you that very few people got to see. I promise I’ll put him over clean in dark matches when he’s old enough just like I promised. I’m hurting so bad. I wish I had a chance to say goodbye. But then again, it’s Saturday and you know what that means…. save me a seat next to you wherever you are, that’s where I belong. I’ll be there when it’s my time. Goodbye forever Brodie. I love you.”

Some of the biggest stars of the wrestling business are also mourning Huber’s passing. That includes Hulk Hogan, who addressed the news on Sunday morning by writing, “Totally devastated over the loss of Jon ‘Luke/Brodie’, such a great talent and awesome human being! RIP my brother.”

Mick Foley also spoke about Huber by writing, “I just heard the news about the death of Jon Huber…an awful day for wrestling fans. Just two years ago, my son Hughie dressed up as Luke Harper for Halloween. He was a great worker, and a doting father. A huge loss for everyone who loves wrestling.”

AEW commentator and former WWE personality Jim Ross paid tribute with a simple post reading, “Heartbroken… Heaven got another good man today.”

Chris Jericho of AEW: All Elite Wrestling posted an image of himself and Huber alongside several other WWE stars from five years ago. In the photo, everyone is wearing custom-made Luke Harper t-shirts as WWE wasn’t selling any official ones. In the caption, Jericho writes, “It’s Saturday. You know what that means… Backstage in Mexico in 2015. Brodie was annoyed that he didn’t have his own merch t-shirt, so one of the brothers got a bunch made in his honor. We all wore them in tribute to the dude, cause everybody loved him. Just a wonderful man!”

Huber’s colleagues from his WWE days are also paying tribute. Natalya Neidhart writes, “I am heartbroken to hear of the passing of @ThisBrodieLee who was a a dear friend to so many of us. He was an amazing husband and a devoted father. His love for his family was immeasurable. I am sending prayers and love to Amanda, Brodie, Nolan and Jon Huber’s family.”

Mustafa Ali also says, “So much pain comes with losing someone like Jon. But everywhere I look, I see an entire industry paying respect and showing love to him. That alone shows what an incredible man he was. #RIPBrodieLee.”

And WWE legend Edge, who just returned to the company this year, also posted a message of respect online. He writes, “This is devastating. Jon was just…great. A great, funny, immensely talented, warm, family driven human being. All of our love, thoughts and warmth to his family.”

At just 41 years old, Huber is leaving us way too soon, but it’s clear from the reactions of everyone in the wrestling world just how much he was loved. The legacy he left behind in the pro wrestling business will ensure that he’ll always be remembered. RIP Jon Huber.

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