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Joker’s Heroic Turn in Justice League HBO Max Miniseries Teased by Zack Snyder

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While The Snyder Cut will likely follow the general through line previously seen in the 2017 theatrical version of Justice League, the movie is due to feature a host of both new and returning characters, the most surprising of which is Jared Leto’s Joker. While the Clown Prince of Crime’s involvement in proceedings have been largely unknown, director Zack Snyder has now revealed a few details concerning what the DC supervillain will get up to, as well as teasing a potential comic book continuation in order to fill in the gaps.

“I don’t think anything’s going to happen right away, but Jim and I talked quite a bit about doing a book or a comic book down the road to kind of finish this. If it’s a thing that would be interesting to the fandom they could always ask Jim about it. [Laughs] I absolutely would love to do a comic book. I said to [Jim], you know, we were just kicking it around, being like dorks, “You know what would be cool, I would love to do, say you’re in the post-apocalyptic world and Darkseid-the world has fallen, and there’s the ragtag team that’s left alive to try and put it back, that inside of that story, we would also do the backstory of Joker killing Robin.” That would be the thing that-because, the Joker is somehow involved in the stealing of the Mother Box and using it to create the treadmill.”

“Because, in my mind, Cyborg was always going to do the math and figure out, “This is what we gotta do to go back in time to warn Bruce correctly.” But I always thought that the conflict that was happening there was Bruce reliving the events-the death of Robin and what went into that. I was like, “That would be a fun comic book, even just the death of Robin. A nice little one-off.”

So, it sounds like Jared Leto’s Joker is heavily involved in the Justice League’s time travel escapades, with the villain presumably joining forces with the heroes in order to create the treadmill that is eventually used by The Flash in order to warn Bruce Wayne of the world’s impending doom.


While Leto’s take on the iconic supervillain sits quite low down on people’s lists of Joker iterations, Snyder has previously revealed that the character will have changed since appearing in 2016’s Suicide Squad. “I wanted to of course honor what had been created with him because I thought it was really cool; but also in this, I’m not going to tell you what happens in the little scene, but some water has gone under the proverbial bridge between when last we saw Joker and this appearance,” Snyder said of Leto joining the cast, before adding, “So he’s made some…he’s a road-weary Joker, I guess that’s a way of saying it.”

Over the last few months though, Zack Snyder has revealed that his Justice League will make several substantial changes, as well as feature “a solid two-and-a-half hours of unseen footage”. The Snyder Cut is set to feature Joe Manganiello reprising the role of Deathstroke, the arrival of Ray Porter as the tyrannical cosmic overlord Darkseid, a lot more of Cyborg’s tragic story, and Harry Lennix revealing himself as Martian Manhunter, alongside the return of Jared Leto as the Joker.

Will Snyder win fans over with his “road-weary” version of Jared Leto’s Joker? We will find out when The Snyder Cut hits HBO Max in March next year. This comes to us from TheFilmJunkee.

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