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John Travolta Brings Back Iconic Grease Dance in Miracle-Gro Super Bowl Commercial

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John Travolta dusted off some of his old Grease dance moves with his daughter Ella for a new Super Bowl commercial. The 66-year old actor flawlessly recreates his “Born to Hand Jive” moves from the iconic 1978 musical, with his daughter Ella filling in for his original co-star Olivia Newton-John. The Super Bowl commercial race is on, with a Wayne’s World reunion already setting the bar pretty high. According to Bloomberg, a 30-second spot for this year’s big game is costing advertisers $5.5 million.

Scotts Miracle-Gro is the company who was able to get John Travolta back to his Grease days. While the moves are taken straight from the movie, the music isn’t from Sha Na Na. Instead, John Travolta and his daughter Ella are dancing to the Surfaces’ “Sunday Best.” Before the commercial shows off the dance moves, the actor is having a hard time setting up a tripod in the backyard, which Ella is able to help out with. The duo previously dance together last summer in honor of Kelly Preston, Travolta’s wife and Ella’s mother, who passed away in July.

John Travolta was excited to take part in one of the big game’s ads this year. He says, “Super Bowl for me is a major yearly celebration. When Scotts Miracle-Gro asked me to do an ad for the Super Bowl with my daughter I was thrilled, especially since we were asked to dance together.” He continued, “We had a blast honoring the backyard along with all of these wonderful people, in our ‘Sunday Best’ for Super Bowl Sunday.”

20-year old Ella Bleu Travolta went on to add, “Each year I always look forward to watching the Super Bowl and all of the great commercials. When Scotts Miracle-Gro offered my dad and I this opportunity, I was overjoyed to share this amazing experience – not to mention dance together!!” She states, “We are so excited to pay homage to the backyard along with all of these incredible people and are ‘feeling good’ spending time outside on this Super Bowl Sunday.” So far, the ad is already getting a lot of attention from people who are excited to see the duo dancing together again.


John Travolta and Ella aren’t the only ones who agreed to take part in Scotts Miracle-Gro Super Bowl ad. Martha Stewart, Leslie David Baker, Emma Lovewell, Kyle Busch, and Carl Weathers also appear. Stewart comments on John Travolta’s dance moves, noting that the actor still “has it,” while Weathers gives Happy Gilmore fans a quick nod. While a lot of the commercial during the big game will be aimed at spreading joy, some will be all about spreading information and awareness about the pandemic. Anheuser-Busch, who normally put out viral Budweiser and Bud Light ads, donated their money to COVID-19 relief, with M&M’s, Pringles, and Toyota following suit. You can check out John and Ella Travolta doing their best Grease moves above, thanks to the Scotts Lawn YouTube channel.

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