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John Oliver Is Hyped for Denmark’s Kids Show Starring Some Dude’s Diller

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John Oliver HAD to come off his Last Week Tonight hiatus to share his utter surprise that he and a new Danish cartoon hero share the same superhero trait! It appears that both John Oliver and John Dillermand have the same size privates and have been using them to help mankind. He is astounded. And you will be too!

John Oliver explains, ‘The ‘Diller’ in ‘Dillermand’ is Danish slang for ‘penis,’ meaning that his name in English is basically ‘John Penisman.’ Which is a ‘perfect name for a man with a magical dong,’ the Last Week Tonight host said. “It would actually be a great nickname for my own penis if I hadn’t already nicknamed it ‘Hugh Grant’ because it’s British, aging and I’ve been told it can be unpleasant to work with.”

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The star of the show is John Dillermand, a middle-aged man who wears a red-and-white striped bathing costume and beanie. He also has a penis that can extend to a length of dozens of meters. John uses his prehensile penis (which stretches through his clothes) as a tool, such as to tame lions or to fly about like a helicopter. But it also often acts independently of John, getting him into trouble. Here’s the intro with subtitles, because you don’t want to miss the theme song, which has miraculously replaced ‘Do You Love Me’ that was stuck in my head from that creepy robot video.

Denmark’s flagship broadcaster, DR, suffered initial blowback over the children’s TV program where viewers can see John Dillermand save children from danger, fetch objects from a river and even use his body to operate as a pogo stick.

You can catch up if you’ve missed any episode, as all 13 are available to watch on the DR network’s website. They start off with a bang in episode one, when Dillermand uses his ‘Where’s Waldo-like’, stripey organ as a leash for his dog and finds himself with many requests from his neighbors to take their pets out for a walk, as well. But he also get into some shenanigans finding himself stuck floating in mid-air after balloons are tied to his bathing suit area. I have really been using my thesaurus copiously for this article. See?

In another episode, he breaks a friend’s vase with his penis and must raise the funds to pay them back, and in a third, he uses it to steal an ice cream cone at the zoo. The show’s opening montage shows him using his skills to keep multiple kinds of danger at bay.

Sarah Cecilie, a spokesperson for DR said most of the citicism came before it’s release. She added. “Hundreds of thousands is supporting John Dillermand now. In Denmark it is now a huge success, and the children are watching it in big numbers.” So if you’ve caught up with the first two episodes of American Horror Stories, you’ve got your next show to tide you over!

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