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Joe Manganiello Reflects on Deathstroke Disappointment and Snyder Cut Call

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Joe Manganiello has opened up about his Deathstroke disappointment and Zack Snyder calling him for Justice League reshoots. As it turns out, Manganiello was supposed to play Slade Wilson in more than one project. Each one of them has gone on to fall apart over the span of four years. However, the actor was more than excited to get the call from Snyder when he revealed that he was conducting reshoots for his version of Justice League, which will stream on HBO Max early next year.

DC fans were thrilled to see an image of Joe Manganiello on social media with a mohawk. Zack Snyder’s Justice League reshoots were already all over the news, and people started to speculate that Manganiello was back as Deathstroke. “The picture that I posted was of me with a mohawk in costume. I was happy to get that call from Zack,” says the actor. He went on and had this to say.

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“There’ve been so much disappointment over the past four years. There were probably seven different Deathstroke projects that were all canceled. So, when you keep getting that phone call over and over again, you have to let it go for your own sanity. So, getting that call from Zack to put the suit back on, it was fun. It was weird, because it’s four years later. Four years later. But I had had a lot of thoughts after all those false starts about the character and what I wanted to do with the character. So, when Zack called me up, I got to really put my stink on him in a few different ways that were very satisfying.”

Joe Manganiello really wants to deliver a proper Deathstroke appearance to the fans and hopes that Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be the movie that kicks things off. He went in and added his own style to the character and asked Snyder if he could follow through with some of that style. “Zack, ‘I always envisioned him with a big white Mohawk,’ and he was totally down for it,” says Manganiello. “Hopefully this will reinvigorate interest from the fans as far as wanting to see this version of the character get told.”

Ben Affleck was originally on board to write, direct, and star in what has become Matt Reeves’ The Batman. When Affleck was on board, Joe Manganiello was going to be Deathstroke in the movie, but that didn’t end up happening. Warner Bros. started to make some big changes behind-the-scenes, and Affleck was slowly edged out. Now, Affleck will appear in the new version of Justice League, along with The Flash movie.

As for the future of Deathstroke, that is unclear at the moment. But, Joe Manganiello would really like to explore the character on the big screen a lot more. Maybe Justice League will provide the studio with enough evidence that they should green light a new project, whether it be on the big screen, or through streaming on HBO Max. The interview with Joe Manganiello was originally conducted by Comic Book.

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