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Jehnny Beth shares two unreleased songs on new ‘LIVE EP’

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Jehnny Beth has released a new ‘Live’ EP that features two new unreleased songs titled ‘More Adrenaline’ and ‘Amazing Life’.

The two tracks feature Beth’s signature beats with ‘More Adrenaline’ being eclectic and eccentric. Lyrics such as “I’m in my bed/I had an orgasm and I lost my cigarette in my sheets” are followed by the anthemic chorus “More adrenaline / more adrenaline” ready to make any dance floor come to life.

‘Amazing Life’ is a slower-paced tune that still has a heavy beat. The track deals with some hard hitting topics such as sexuality and abortion. The song transforms towards the end into a brigher hopeful track with Beth singing: “Don’t listen to the ones that tell you they know better / that would be a big mistake /the day your surrender.”

The release of her ‘Live’ EP comes ahead of her tour of the US with Queens of The Stone Age and Viagra Boys. Visit here for tickets.

She announced the EP on her official Instagram page with the caption: “This weekend my mother reminded me that when she was pregnant with me she was performing onstage in a theatre play with my dad. That explains a lot haha.”

She continued: “Stage is home for me. [Always] has been, always will be. After rebuilding a live show post-pandemic and travelling around the world to play my songs, Mexico, Brazil, U.K., France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Germany, Danemark… I wanted to bring you the live experience on a record. So here it is: the J.BETH LIVE EP !!! Expect high adrenaline”

Speaking to NME back in 2020, the singer explained the significance of a live show. “The stage for me is where I can push the physical boundaries, be in the present and be absorbed by this total energy,” she said.

In other news, Beth recently reflected on working with Cillian Murphy after watching his performance in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

Beth previously worked with Murphy on her debut solo album, 2020’s ‘To Love Is To Live’. He was featured on her track/monologue ‘A Place Above’ and had a cameo in her song ‘I’m The Man’ in which he is heard in voiceover reciting the speech.

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