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Jason Voorhees Kills with Kindness in Friday the 13th Fan Comic Camp Counselor Jason

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Iconic horror franchise Friday the 13th is so terrifyingly blood-soaked that it’s easy to forget that the time spent at Camp Crystal Lake is supposed to be fun. Well, thanks to animator Janie Lee, whose previous credits include the likes of “Scooby-Doo and Ducktales, the serial killing Jason Voorhees has been transformed into Camp Counselor Jason, who, together with Pamela, is here to ensure the safety and happiness of the campers. Even if he must use a machete to do it.

“I found my love for horror with Friday the 13th,” said Lee in a statement. “The ridiculous personalities of the teens, Jason’s stone-cold demeanor no matter how silly the situation may be, and the impossible escalation (like a summer camp slasher ending up on a space station) is why I love the franchise! Through fan comics I created my own spin on Jason, turning him into a heroic camp counselor.”

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Jason Voorhees, who still pairs the intimidating hockey mask with his new, brightly colored camp counselor uniform, will do whatever he must to keep his patrons safe from outsiders. Moving his attention away from terrorizing and murdering unsuspecting teens, Jason Voorhees now wiles away his time quaintly feeding fish, supervising kayaking adventures, and, well, murdering those who he feels deserve it.

Lee has gone into some detail as to what it is about Camp Counselor Jason that she believes makes it so appealing. “What makes my Camp Counselor Jason idea so popular is the potential for comedy while still playing with classic horror tropes,” Lee said. “Shifting the perspective on Jason so what made him terrifying now makes him lovable. I believe that the entertainment industry is sorely lacking in animated horror, and Camp Counselor Jason would be the perfect way to fill that niche. I have a lot of killer ideas on this new take on Jason Voorhees, while also keeping his character true to what makes him Jason.”

Lee is hopeful that she will one day be able to turn her twist on the popular slasher series into an animated series, something which certainly has a lot of potential based on the comic book artwork she has created.

As for the more conventional horror-based escapades of Jason Voorhees, Blumhouse Productions founder Jason Blue is desperate to bring Friday the 13th back to the big screen. “I’d love to do Friday the 13th. I’d do it as a movie,” Blue replied when asked which legendary horror franchise he would like to resurrect most.

Unfortunately, the future of Friday the 13th remains uncertain due to an ongoing legal battle surrounding main antagonist, Jason Voorhees. While the series has become known for the spine-chilling presence of the hockey enthusiast murderer, the character was not actually introduced in this form until the third movie, which the first Friday the 13th writer, Victor Miller, did not create. Miller has since tried to acquire more ownership of the property in recent years, and thanks to the citing of an obscure copyright law, was able to win the first court battle. So, unless an agreement is made between the two parties, any reboot would either have to ditch the famous killer or the franchise’s equally famous title.

For now, let’s just forget all that, and instead bask in the overwhelming niceness of Camp Counselor Jason. This comes to us from Janie Lee’s official Instagram account.

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