JACK PAROW: Good Times Taste Like Parow Brandy

Parow Brandy to get the good times rolling

It’s no secret that Jack Parow loves brandy almost as much as he loves rapping.  So much so that he often raps about it and included an ode to brandy, Ricky Louw, on his self-titled debut album back in 2010 – “Ek like my brannas drie vingers sterk en yskoud.”  (I like my brandy three fingers strong and ice cold.)

It has always been Jack’s dream to have his own brandy so that he never goes thirsty and now this dream has come true and he can’t wait for you to taste it.

The Parow Brandy is a 3 year premium hand crafted brandy. It was created by Jack Parow to fill the gap in the local market for a premium locally produced brandy met skop and lots of flavour, hence the tag ‘karate water’ on the label.

It is produced by a small cellar in Montagu and is the highest quality and best tasting 3 year brandy around.

The brandy will be exclusively stocked in Checkers stores country-wide for February.  >From March 2017 the brandy will be available country-wide at various outlets.

The Parow Brandy is the house brandy at The Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg and at all RocoMamas Restauraunts country-wide and is rolling out to other bars and restaurants soon.

A New Album is coming…

Jack Parow is working on new material and his fourth full length album is scheduled to be released in September 2017.

Watch Dis Bef*k Remix featuring Jitsvinger: Jack Parow and Jitsvinger released the Dis Bef*k Remix (censored version is called Dis Bfk Remix) for FREE at the end of 2016.

The song is about Parow’s love for his 4 year old daughter, Ruby, and the footage for the video was filmed by her.  She was fitted with a GoPro so that the lyric video portrays life from her perspective. This footage is complimented with the lyrics written in Jack Parow’s handwriting.

Download Dis Bef*k Remix and Dis Bfk Remix (Censored version) here: http://bit.ly/2fNFqim

Stream Dis Bef*k Remix here: http://bit.ly/2gNaK1w


Website: jackparow.co.za

Twitter: @JackParow

Facebook: facebook.com/jack.parow

Instagram: Instagram.com/jackparow

iTunes: Nag Van Die Lang Pette

Music Videos: youtube.com/JackParow

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