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Jack Kays, GARZI and spill tab are our tracks of the week

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Welcome to Sound Station, where we’re highlighting the best new tracks that came out this week. Head into the weekend with songs from Jack Kays, GARZI and more.

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Jack Kays bares his soul with the vulnerable folk ballad “The Walk” 

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After a two-week retreat to the secluded desert of Joshua Tree, California, singer-songwriter Jack Kays came away with a collection of raw and intimate new songs that make up his brand-new EP, CESSATION. With nothing but an acoustic guitar and a microphone to capture his evocative vocals, Kays bares his soul beautifully on the EP’s closing track, “The Walk,” which chronicles his own experiences with mental health, addiction and journey toward sobriety. The track is a self-reflective tale with haunting imagery and lyrical bravery that incorporates delicate finger-picked guitars and a folk-inspired sound that suits the young artist well. —Alessandro DeCaro

GARZI’s “PARANOIA” (Feat. Fever 333, Point North) is a dystopian arena-rock anthem

For his latest single “PARANOIA,” alternative-rock artist GARZI enlisted Jason Aalon Butler (FEVER 333) and Jon Lundin (Point North) to create a high-intensity blast of nü-metal-inflected rock for a dystopian age. GARZI unleashes a truly impressive performance and lyrical cadence in the song’s chorus over the backdrop of pounding drums and low-tuned guitars. “PARANOIA” covers a considerable amount of sonic ground ranging from the aforementioned nü-metal elements to drum and bass, trap and even hardcore, with Butler providing chills-inducing screams along with Lundin’s smooth and controlled melodies. Lyrically, “PARANOIA” is a vulnerable account of GARZI’s own personal anxieties and cries for help that will surely feel relatable in one way or another. —Alessandro DeCaro

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spill tab creates a maximalist ode with “CRÈME BRÛLÉE!”

spill tab, aka Claire Chicha, creates the type of alt-pop music that feels magnetic. With her flashy new single “CRÈME BRÛLÉE!,” the nascent star has created a song that’s an unpredictable epic. Produced with Solomonophonic (Remi Wolf, Wallows, Dora Jar), “CRÈME BRÛLÉE!” is a two-minute burst that’s filled with nimble lyrics, fuzzy guitar lines and plenty of maximalism. — Neville Hardman

Narrow Head’s “Moments of Clarity” is an introspective space-rock journey 

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Houston shoegaze quintet Narrow Head are proving to be one of the most inventive and exciting new acts in the genre with their latest single and title track “Moments of Clarity” from their upcoming album, out Feb. 10 via Run For Cover Records. On “Moments of Clarity,” vocalist/guitarist Jacob Duarte reflects on tragedy, mortality and the challenges that he has faced within the last few years while allowing the listener to join in on his personal journey of introspection. Musically, the track embodies their signature ’90s-inspired sound in the vein of prominent shoegaze and space-rock groups (Hum, Failure, Teenage Wrist) while expanding their sonic palette with heavy, fuzzed-out guitars and reverb-laden vocals to create a massive wall of sound. —Alessandro DeCaro

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