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Insane video shows customer beatdown by Toppers Pizza employees: ‘Jump him!’

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Jaw-dropping video shows four pizza chain employees pounce on and pummel a customer after he refused to leave from behind the counter of the restaurant.

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The insane footage opens with the man trying to grab a Toppers Pizza employee by the arms while the worker screams at him to “get out!”

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That’s when the employee hurled a fist at the customer — narrowly missing his face — which caused an all-out brawl as other customers looked on and jeered.

Two other employees quickly jumped to their colleague’s aid and tried to hold the customer back by yanking on his slowly shredding shirt.

All three Toppers workers, including one female, were noticeably smaller than the aggravated patron but managed to pack several powerful punches against the towering man.

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“Don’t touch me! Get out!” the first wrestling worker screamed.

The man pushed the female worker away by the neck and seemed to calm down — but only for a moment.

He charged toward one of the workers and volleyed multiple punches, forcing the worker to drop to the pizza joint floor.

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A third worker — who had initially remained neutral — tapped in and began smacking the shopper’s head.

The worker throws the first punch.
A worker threw a punch, narrowly missing the target, after the customer grabbed him by the hands.
Jason Wil the PAWGhunter/X

In a notable display of teamwork, four Toppers employees pounced on the customer and attacked him from all angles.

One man tried to drag the patron down by hanging onto his leg, while the female smacked him repeatedly in the face.

“Get your f–king hands off of me!” she screamed as customers encouraged the group to “Jump him!”

Another worker grabbed the man from beneath his legs and through his crotch in an apparent attempt to flip him, but the customer proved too bulky.

Four employees jump on the customer.
After taking turns throwing punches, all four employees pounced on the customer.
Jason Wil the PAWGhunter/X

He ultimately managed to free himself from the brawling foursome, but with his shirt nearly ripped off and his buttocks exposed.

The video was uploaded to X, formerly known as Twitter, by Jason Wil — who took a break from promoting his OnlyFans content to share the astounding footage.

“This is how y’all treat customers?” Will asked in a post tagging Toppers Pizza.

The pizza chain shared its disapproval of its employees’ actions in a comment beneath the X post.

Another employee joins the scuffle.
Customers encouraged the employees to “jump” the customer.
Jason Wil the PAWGhunter/X

“We not condone any sort of violence … Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we apologize for this happening,” Toppers Pizza said.

It’s not clear which Toppers Pizza location the melee occurred in.

The chain has 70 locations across the country, located mainly in the southeast, midwest and mideast.

Toppers Pizza did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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