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‘IF’: See Who Voices the Imaginary Friends in John Krasinski’s Film

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John Krasinski recruited an A-list cast to voice the imaginary friends in his new family-friendly fantasy film, IF.

Director and co-writer Krasinski stars as the father of 12-year-old Bea (Cailey Fleming), who gains the ability to see imaginary friends (referred to as “IFs”) who have been left behind by those who’ve grown up. With the help of her neighbor Cal (Ryan Reynolds), who shares her power to see IFs, Bea sets out to provide the imaginary friends with new kids to play with.

Besides Krasinski, who in addition to his live-action role as Bea’s dad also voices Marshmallow, the all-star cast includes Steve Carell, Emily Blunt, George Clooney, Maya Rudolph, Jon Stewart, Bradley Cooper and Blake Lively.

Krasinski told The Hollywood Reporter that he took ideas from his and Blunt’s children while writing the flick. “I pitched them the idea of the script, I showed them all the drawings I did while I was writing the script — I’m a terrible artist, so I had to walk them through that,” he explained. “They told me what was cute about certain IFs, what wasn’t cute, what they wanted to change.” 

He also shared that his daughters’ own IFs are featured in the movie. “Ally the pink alligator is one of my daughter’s and the other one is the flaming marshmallow, so it’s a family affair,” he said. 

Read on to find out the voices behind the film’s 19 IFs.

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