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I. Jordan shares ‘Real Hot N Naughty’ and announces debut album ‘I Am Jordan’

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I. Jordan has announced their debut studio album, ‘I Am Jordan’ – listen to new single ‘Real Hot N Naughty’ below.

The electronic producer and DJ is due to release the 12-track record on May 10 via Ninja Tune. You can pre-order/pre-save it here.

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“This album is about joy,” Jordan explained of the project. “It’s about my joy as a trans person, and trans joy generally, working with trans people, making all this fun music together.”

Per a press release, the forthcoming ‘I Am Jordan’ “captures the bliss and dynamism of a wild I. Jordan set” and pulls from their decade of experience as a DJ and producer. It is said that the LP serves as Jordan’s “personal dance music diary”, which was inspired by a “period of upheaval”.

The album will present “giddy tributes to northern dance sounds like donk and hardstyle” as well as elements of “euphoric trance and house, and plenty of space for exploration”.

Arriving this week, new dance track ‘Real Hot N Naughty’ features vocals from Sex Education actor and performer Felix Mufti, who previously danced for Jordan at Glastonbury.

“A large part of the reason why Felix and I instantly bonded is because of our queer working-class backgrounds, and our pride around that as well,” Jordan said.

“Our aim with this track is to make a real queer northern dance anthem. A lot of working-class, northern humour is, ‘Things are a bit shit, but whatever. We’ll take the piss’.”

‘Real Hot N Naughty’ is accompanied by an Elif Gonen-directed official video, in which Jordan and Mufti take over a local bingo hall and bring a party to the townspeople in attendance. Check it out above.

Mufti explained: “This celebration of our unhinged family is my proudest project to date. Told through a working-class lens that has defined so much of me and Jordan as artists, I couldn’t be happier to finally share this story with the world.”

Speaking about how the concept for the visuals came about, Jordan added: “We had the idea of doing the video in a bingo hall as it connected to our upbringing and spaces we spent a lot of time in when we were growing up.

“Sprucing them up and reclaiming them to be full of queer and trans joy felt important and symbolic to me as it connected two important parts of my identity that aren’t often merged together.”

They concluded: “We wanted to make something fun, cute and cheeky, and fuck all the Tories.”

Despite its title, ‘I Am Jordan’ is described as being “a product of its community”. The producer/DJ said: “Everyone is interconnected, and the idea of being an individual is a bit of a myth. I wouldn’t be who I am without everyone else around me.

“My friends, especially friends who have supported me through all the transition stuff, my trans friends that I’ve relied on, Reddit groupchats – it’s all so important. In the trans community, none of us do this on our own.”

The tracklist for ‘I Am Jordan’ is as follows: 

1. ‘When Lights Flash’
2. ‘Casino High’
3. ‘Real Hot N Naughty’ (ft. Felix Mufti)
4. ‘The Countdown’ (ft. Taahliah)
5. ‘Butterlick’ (ft. Sister Zo)
6. ‘Reification And Pathetic Fallacy”
7. ‘People Want Nice Things’
8. ‘Round N Round’
9. ‘The Woodpecker’
10. ‘7 Degrees Of Despondent’
11. ‘Close To You’
12. ‘Rapt Finis’

I. Jordan is scheduled to appear at this summer’s Field Day at Victoria Park in east London along with the likes of Justice, PinkPantheress, 2ManyDJs and Romy.

‘I Am Jordan’ will follow the artist’s previous EPs ‘DNT STP MY LV’ (2019), ‘For You’ (2020) and ‘Watch Out!’ (2021).

Speaking to NME in 2021, I. Jordan explained that “making music makes [them] feel alive”, adding: “When I don’t make it, I have this voice in my head saying: ‘you’re rubbish if you don’t make it’ or ‘what if you never make another track again?’

“Making music feels integral to my existence as a human. In the same way that certain things are gender-affirming to me, making music is human-affirming.”

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