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Hyro The Hero and Atreyu unite for genre-blending collab “Legendary”

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Hyro The Hero is treating fans to yet another hard-hitting collaboration. This time around, Atreyu vocalist Brandon Saller has joined the genre-blending artist on the explosive new track “Legendary.”

The latest collaboration appears on Hyro The Hero’s upcoming mixtape Kids Against The Monsters which will be released later this year.

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On “Legendary,” Hyro The Hero blends his rock and hip-hop influences with the melodic metalcore sounds of Atreyu. Together, the sonic elements create a heavy track that has no genre boundaries. From Hyro The Hero’s intense rapping to blaring electric guitar riffs and Saller’s distinct vocals, “Legendary” will resonate with fans across numerous genres. 

“Legendary,” which was co-written by Hyro The Hero, producer and From First To Last guitarist/vocalist Matt Good, Saller and Atreyu guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, tells the story of a champion celebrating the victories throughout their career. For Hyro The Hero, Atreyu’s contributions elevated the single to a whole new level.

“I used ‘Legendary’ as the introduction to the mixtape because it is such a huge statement,” Hyro The Hero exclusively tells Alternative Press. “I want to cement my name in the music game and what’s better than ‘Legendary’ status; it’s a goal I want to accomplish and I’m going after. I was so glad Brandon of Atreyu was able to lend his amazing vocals on the track to give it the energy it needed. I met the whole band on Rockstar Disrupt, and we became homies. Atreyu is a legendary band and it’s a blessing to have them on this track.”

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Saller also exclusively tells Alternative Press that when this collaboration was presented to him, he instantly knew he had to be part of it in some way.

“Hyro is just such an electric human,” Saller tells Alternative Press. “He’s a great performer and such a hard-working artist. The opportunity came to be a part of this song, and I immediately jumped on it!”

More on Hyro The Hero

Last month, Hyro The Hero opened up about his forthcoming mixtape Kids Against The Monsters which is due out sometime in 2021. In the spirit of his original Houston mixtapes and to further show his musical journey over the past year, Hyro The Hero is including his recently released collaborations on the new mixtape.

“My new project is a mixtape called Kids Against The Monsters,” Hyro The Hero tells Knotfest. “But now, I’m no longer sampling songs. Instead, I actually got to work with legendary artists who are performing on my tracks. David Draiman, Chad Gray, Spencer Charnas, Atreyu and more…Artists I’ve respected for years. It feels full circle in such an epic way.”

Hyro The Hero dropped the first collaboration that has been added to his new mixtape back in September. The rapper joined forces with Disturbed vocalist Draiman for the experimental rock-rap track “We Believe.” The duo previously opened up to Alternative Press about the meaning behind the striking song.

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“I basically was just speaking about what do you believe in, in these times we’re living in? You got YouTube, you got real news, you got fake news…all these different things,” Hyro The Hero tells Alternative Press. “So I’m asking, what do you believe in? Because everyone’s being pulled every kind of way. So not to put an ending to the song, but it’s more like you got to believe in yourself and believe in us as a people, to bring some peace, to bring some solution.”

Then, in December, Hyro The Hero released “Fight,” his powerful collab with Hellyeah vocalist Gray. For Hyro The Hero, the track is about finding the energy to go on in life even during the toughest of times.

“‘Fight’ is all about motivation,” Hyro The Hero says in a press release. “That extra kick in the ass you need when the going gets tough. I wanted to be that voice that lifts you up when you are feeling down. That’s what ‘Fight’ represents.”

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More recently, in January, Hyro The Hero and Ice Nine Kills vocalist Charnas debuted their intense collaboration “Retaliation Generation.” The rapper previously revealed that this song represents what’s going on the world today. Ultimately, Hyro The Hero hopes this song inspires listeners to always speak up for what they believe in.

“‘Retaliation Generation’ is a great song that represents the style of music I have come to be known for,” Hyro The Hero says in a press release. “Having Spencer sing the hook and Matt Good on production blasted this track into ‘anthem’ territory. I think this song captures the emotion of what this generation feels in this crazy time we are living in. It’s full-on attack mode right from the beginning it’s such a great feeling when an artist like Spencer helps take a song like this to the next level. I want anybody who listens to this song to be a voice. Stand up for what you believe in.”

What are your reactions to Hyro The Hero’s collab with Atreyu? Let us know in the comments below.

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