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Huge cobra invades golf course in terrifying video: ‘This is crazy’

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These golfers were worried about getting a hole-in-one arm.

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A South African golf course got a whole lot trickier after an angry cobra invaded the green and started wreaking havoc, as seen in an Instagram video that went viral.

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“(Cape Cobra), on our ladies’ tee box!” read the caption to the spine-tingling clip, which transpired Saturday at the Atlantic Beach Golf Club in Cape Town.

In the video, a massive cape cobra — one of Africa’s deadliest snakes — can be seen slithering onto the course with its hood flared out in an aggressive posture.

The cranky creeper then terrifyingly proceeds to tee off one of the course signs, striking it repeatedly with its venomous fangs.

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It’s unclear what prompted the cobra to “play through.”

However, it could’ve been trying to evade a predator: the video shows a mongoose — one of the cobra’s chief adversaries — lurking in the brush at the green’s periphery.

The cape cobra is one of the deadliest snakes in Africa.

In fact, the world’s golf courses have become veritable menageries for exotic creatures, including jumbo gators, club-snapping coconut crabs and more.

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Needless to say, the cobra’s unexpected course cameo had Instagram users figuratively heading for the hills.

“I’m thinking where is my shotgun,” exclaimed one freaked-out viewer, while another wrote, “To heck with playing at that course.”

The cape cobra tees off on a sign.

“This is crazy,” wrote a third.

Another wit quipped: “The Club’s mongoose isn’t doing his job…”

The golfers are lucky they didn’t get bitten by the cold-blooded course crasher, which is one of South Africa’s most dangerous snakes, responsible for the most fatal snake bites in the region, along with the black mamba.

The cobra could’ve been fleeing from a mongoose, which was filmed lurking in the brush at the green’s periphery.

The critter is dangerous due to its highly neurotoxic venom and a penchant for infiltrating homes and other places frequented by people.

In April, a South African pilot had to make an emergency landing after a cape cobra sssssureptitiously grabbed a lift on his plane and crawled up his shirt, evoking a frightening scene from the movie “Snakes on a Plane.”

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