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How the New  Allyz® TravelSmart App Can Reduce Travel Anxiety

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Traveling is often seen as a chance to unwind and explore new horizons, but anyone who has hit the road knows that the reality can be quite different.

From the chaos of airport security to the stress of navigating an unfamiliar city, travel can bring its own set of frustrations and anxieties. Let’s not even mention how much stress can elevate if something should go wrong!

That’s where the new  Allyz® TravelSmart app comes in—a simple, streamlined digital solution designed to assist travelers with the essentials, allowing them to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying their trips.

Your New Travel Companion

Allyz (pronounced “AH-LEEZE“) is not just a rebranded version of the Allianz TravelSmart® app from Allianz Travel Insurance; it’s a leap towards a more holistic travel experience.

The name itself—a blend of “all” and “ease”—reflects the app’s goal: to create simplified, accessible, and practical services for both partners and travelers alike.

Existing users won’t need to download a new app, as updates will be automatic, ensuring a smooth transition to the enhanced features.

And you don’t have to be an insurance policyholder to benefit from its features. The app is designed with all travelers in mind, providing a valuable toolkit that anyone can use.

Travel Challenges Allyz Can Help Ease!

Three women outside a train station in Paris
Travel challenges in Paris

Travel, especially internationally, will put you far out of your zone of comfort. Day-to-day tasks like accessing money, fulfilling a prescription, or experiencing travel delays can turn a relaxing vacation into a series of stressful situations.

Here are just some of these travel anxieties we’ve experienced: 

  • Losing our passport in the USA and having to speak to immigration officers around the country to find it, and then try and locate the nearest Australian embassy to get an emergency passport replacement.
  • Trying to find travel documents while an immigration officer waits with what you feel is a menacing scowl!
  • Madly running through the airport to make a connection, not realizing that the gate had changed!
  • Thinking our flight was leaving in the afternoon and checking in hours after it left. Then having to phone our families waiting at Sydney airport to say we’d be coming a few days later!
  • Struggling to find our booking confirmation in a sea of emails while Wi-Fi gives the Spinning Wheel of Disconnect!
  • Having to reroute from a cruise ship due to a hurricane and speak to a customer service rep, and book new flights amongst thousands of stranded passengers. And then, keep all documents to file a claim upon return!
  • Trying to find a nearby hospital when our daughter split her chin open (and really really regretting that one time we did not get travel insurance. Double OUCH! #neveragain)
  • Trying to communicate a health issue getting bad to Vietnamese doctors who did not speak English.
  • Fulfilling a prescription in Paris in a pharmacy where most people spoke only French.

All of these challenges ( I have so much more), could have been avoided, or made much easier with the help of an app like Allyz® TravelSmart. I love that Allianz Travel has created something to help travelers mitigate these common travel stressors.

They have created a digital hub that puts essential services and information at your fingertips, exactly when and where you need them. And it’s only going to get better!

Streamlining the Travel Experience: App Features & Benefits

man on hammock looking at allyz travelsmart app

The Allyz® TravelSmart App is designed not only to protect you when things go wrong but also to enhance your entire travel experience. From the initial planning stage to returning home with a suitcase full of memories, the app ensures a safer and more enjoyable journey.

Allyz offers a variety of features that contribute to a seamless travel experience:

Simplifying Insurance Functions 

woman sitting in a lounge chair

Navigating insurance shouldn’t be a chore, whether you’re preparing for a trip, traveling, or returning home.

We found the previous app version extremely helpful on the road when we needed to check our plans, coverage, benefits, and submit a claim. I liked that I could submit a claim immediately, so I did not forget any important details, reports, or receipts. 

The new app version streamlines even more allowing you to

  •  effortlessly review your insurance documents, check your benefits anytime, and submit an online claim.
  •  modify or cancel your insurance plans right from the app
  •  upload photos, check the status of your claims, and manage the entire process seamlessly

Comprehensive Assistance Services

When travelers need help, Allyz® TravelSmart is there to assist—whether it’s contacting local emergency services, getting answers about insurance features, or accessing Allianz assistance, 

Through the Allyz® TravelSmartapp you can:

  • Reach out to customer care for immediate travel assistance and answers to unique questions.
  • Access an extensive FAQ section, which provides clear and concise answers to common questions.
  • Save time in emergencies by using Allyz to access local emergency numbers and quickly call local police, fire departments, or ambulance services. 

Access Essential Medical Information

Speaking from personal experience, finding medical care while abroad can be daunting. The easier you can find that information the better.

Allyz provides a suite of tools to help, empowering customers to seek treatment and medication for minor issues independently in the following ways:

  • Locate trusted medical facilities with apps geo-based hospital finder. This information is constantly updated for millions of facilities worldwide.
  • Use the medical translator to assist with translations for common medical terms and conditions.
  • Easily find the universal pharmaceutical names of hundreds of common medications with its medication dictionary—because familiar brands like Tylenol may have different names abroad. (this would have come in handy on our trip to Paris last year when we were trying to get medication for our daughter! )

A Handy Trip Organizer

No more jumping between apps to check flight numbers, train schedules, or hotel check-in times. Allianz’s Trip Organizer provides a simplified, step-by-step overview of your trips and notifies you of updates like gate changes.

All travelers know what a hassle it is to find the gate number for your flight on an eternally flickering flight information board! I love being able to open my app and have it all there in one place. 

In the near future, the app will automatically add flight information based on your email or booking references, making trip management even more effortless. This will be a game changer for travelers!

Safety and Security Alerts 

Mom taking a selfie photo with two daughters on a river cruise
Enjoy your Trip – Allyz will let you know of any issues!

You can’t always know what is happening around you. Don’t worry about checking the local news to find out! Allyz® TravelSmart’s safety and security alerts keep you up to date with notifications of both major and minor events relevant to your trip. Now you can just focus on collecting invaluable memories.

Soon, alerts will be connected to your itineraries, providing more precise and proactive information. For instance, if you’re staying in Lyon, you’ll receive alerts about local events, but you’ll also be informed about transportation strikes in Paris if that’s your next destination. 

Features Coming soon to the Allyz® TravelSmart App

woman looking at travel information on app

Allianz has a lot of great features planned for the App for later this year and into 2025. It’s really going to be a robust app to help you with multiple aspects of your travel experience. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of those updates for all Allyz TravelSmart App users:

  • Document Vault: Keep copies of passports, vaccination records, and more in one secure location.
  • Entry Requirements: Learn what you’ll need before you travel.
  • Embassy Finder:  Quickly find the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.
  • Pharmacy Finder: Locate nearby pharmacies when you need them.
  • Ideas and inspiration Whether you’re exploring ancient sites or staying up to date on upcoming festivals and events, Allyz helps you make the most of your destination. 
  • Telemedicine Services: Easy ways to find trusted medical providers by way of in-person medical attention at local clinic, on-the-go consultations via video call, or treatment from the comfort of your accommodation.The experience is entirely cashless—we manage the payments, so customers don’t even have to file a claim. (what a game changer!!)

Updates coming spoon for Allianz Travel Insurance policy holders

  • Digital Wallet: A straightforward way to collect insurance payments or pay for authorized medical services.
  • Proof of Insurance: Obtain a digital insurance card and add it to your Apple or Google wallet.
  • VOIP Calling: Contact us from the app without incurring fees for international calls.
  • Chat Services:  Message an Allianz representative for quick, easy support.

Allyz® TravelSmart App Providing Peace of Mind in Moments That Matter

girl on paddleboard and two girls in kayak on fremot lake

In moments of travel stress, having a reliable tool like the Allyz® TravelSmar app can make all the difference. By centralizing travel protection, safety, and convenience features, the app helps travelers navigate their journeys with confidence and ease. Whether you’re an occasional vacationer or a frequent flier, Allyz® TravelSmart is designed to support you every step of the way.

As a long-term customer of Allianz, I’m thrilled with the new version of their app. It continues to provide excellent customer care and makes my travels much easier. I can’t stand having important information scattered across multiple apps – this app streamlines it all in one place that is clean and easy to navigate. The app enhances my travel experience helping to keep me safe, secure, and organized while supporting me during challenging times.

With the new Allyz® TravelSmartz app, travel anxiety can be a thing of the past. Download it today, and embark on your next adventure with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re well-prepared and well-protected.

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