Holy Ghost! synthpop band released a music video for their song “Heaven Knows What” that is from the album ‘Work’. After sic years they released ‘Work’, their third full-length album.

“Heaven Knows What,” was a demo for the Safdie Brothers’ 2014 movie of the identical title. The video was directed by Will Janowitz, and stars The Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli and his son Vadim.

Vocalist Alex Frankel explained:

“I was in Los Angeles for a work trip but by a pool and was thinking about what visual would work for ‘Heaven Knows What,’ a song I wrote about getting things wrong with people you care about and the feedback loop of human apology as a concept.”

As Frankel elaborates:

“I’m a huge, huge fan of Michael’s work both as an actor and a writer and director and the same for Will. So I was feverishly grateful when they were down. From then on, Nick Millhiser and I basically acted as producers, while Will led creatively. Jesse Cain came on as DP. And Isabel Freeman came on as editor. With the help of our friends — and our new friend, Michael’s amazing son and co-star Vadim — we made something that feels right to me. Finally. And the loop was broken.”

Get the album here: