Bears running back Tarik Cohen is one of the shortest players in the NFL standing at 5-6.

He is in a league of giants (not the New York kind), so Cohen’s height stands out more than it would in the regular world. He is not that short of a person, but he short by NFL standards. So when he is in a locker room full of NFL athletes, everything is adjusted for taller players.

This led to a hilarious exchange in a behind-the-scenes video the Bears posted on YouTube. The video was a simple interview with defensive lineman Nick Williams, who was talking to the media. But about midway through his media session, Cohen could be heard in the background:


(Start the video at about 32 seconds.)

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This is not the only time Cohen’s height has been brought up this season. During the Bears’ Week 7 matchup against the Saints, some New Orleans players started mocking Cohen’s height. The video made its way to social media, and Cohen responded, “Y’all act like i don’t know I’m short.”