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Here’s when ’28 Years Later’ is coming out

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The highly anticipated 28 Years Later finally has a release date, and it’s not a long wait.

Per a report from Variety, Sony Pictures has seemingly confirmed that the Danny Boyle-led sequel to 28 Days Later is due to arrive on June 20, 2025. The film will star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jodie Comer, Ralph Fiennes and Jack O’Connell – the latter’s casting in the film was reported on by Deadline Hollywood last week.

28 Years Laterfirst announced earlier this year, will be directed by Danny Boyle and written by Alex Garland, both of whom led the original 2002 film. Cillian Murphy, who had his breakout role in the 2002 film, is executive producing the 2025 sequel, but has yet to be confirmed for an acting role.

Little else is known about 28 Years Later, other than it will be the first entry in a planned trilogy. Garland will write and produce all three films, while Boyle is tapped to direct only the 28 Years Later. Nia DaCosta is in talks to direct the second film. The budget for each film in the trilogy is currently USD $75million.

Director, Danny Boyle attends the 20th anniversary screening of ’28 Days Later’ at BFI Southbank on October 31, 2022 in London CREDIT: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Speaking to NME in 2022 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of 28 Days Later, Murphy and Boyle said that they had often spoken about a follow-up to their hit zombie flick. While Murphy said he’s now too old for it, Boyle revealed that Garland had written a script titled 28 Months Later a few years ago but nothing came of it.

Boyle said at the time: “I’d be very tempted [to direct it]. It feels like a very good time actually. It’s funny, I hadn’t thought about it until you just said it, and I remembered ‘Bang, this script!’ which is again set in England, very much about England. Anyway, we’ll see… who knows?”

The original film secured a sequel in 2007, 28 Weeks Later, though Boyle and Garland only executive-produced this project.

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