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Halloween III Legacy Sequel with Tom Atkins? Producer Says ‘Anything Is Possible’

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Perhaps we haven’t seen the last of Silver Shamrock, as a Halloween III: Return of the Witch sequel is “possible” says series producer Malek Akkad. In recent years, the Halloween franchise has had a resurgence in popularity after the release of director David Gordon Green’s new movie in 2018. It was the first of a planned trilogy meant to conclude the Michael Myers vs. Laurie Strode saga with the second installment, Halloween Kills, releasing this week. The plan from there is to do Halloween Ends, and nothing is set in stone at this point as to where to take Halloween from there.

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We recently spoke with Halloween Kills director David Gordon Green and producer Malek Akkad about what’s to come next in the franchise. When Green was asked if we’d get an answer of some of the supernatural elements of Michael Myers. Green clearly said that we are not, as the “mystery is what makes him scary.” When asked directly if Silver Shamrock would be tied into Michael’s backstory in the next movie, here’s what the director had to say.

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“No Silver Shamrock, yeah. That’d be a fun one, though. That’s a good idea for the next wave.”

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For those unaware, Silver Shamrock is a reference to Halloween III: The Season of the Witch. The movie is infamous because it does not bring back Michael Myers as the antagonist, instead featuring the evil company Silver Shamrock which plans to murder millions of children on Halloween night with supernatural masks. Tom Atkins stars as the protagonist, Dr. Dan Challis, in one the horror legend’s most memorable roles. While the movie was controversial at the time, it has since developed a large cult following with horror fans.


Legacy sequels have gotten considerably popular in recent years, with Halloween serving as one of the most successful of them all. It’s led us to wonder what a legacy sequel to Halloween III would be like. For one, it would finally give us an answer as to what really happened at the end of the movie, a mystery that is still left unsolved. We asked producer Malek Akkad if a legacy sequel with Tom Atkins returning as Dr. Challis is possible, and this is what he said in response.

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“What I can tell you is I think thousands of things have been considered, so, when you mention that… My focus right now, you know, this has been a difficult production. It’s never been this long since something’s been done, and we’re just all trying to come together and focus on this, and then we’re going into the next one (Halloween Kills). And I think everyone’s energy is really – because we believe in this one, because the last one came out so well, we really want to bring the troops together and get that third one done.”

With all that being said, here’s what Akkad has to say specifically about the possibility of doing a Halloween III legacy sequel with Tom Atkins.

“To that question directly, I would say anything’s possible. I know that’s a little vague, perhaps, of an answer. But that’s literally all I got. Anything’s possible and we’ll try and address that, and, you know, look at it when it comes up.”

That’s certainly no guarantee, but leaving the door open will have to do for now. You can watch Halloween Kills when it premieres in theaters and on Peacock on Oct. 15.

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