Following the success of their three latest singles and in keeping with their newfound role as chameleons of sound; Grassy Spark are releasing a remix EP for their ultra-groovy dance track ‘Flow’.

The band approached local producers to do remixes of ‘Flow’ for the 4 track EP, giving them the freedom to add their own individual twist to the song and encouraging them to let their creative juices flow. The EP features remixes by well-known producers Bakai and The Kiffness, who worked alongside multi-instrumentalist Clem Carr; as well as up and coming producers Milan Rendall and Rainbuoy. The result is a dynamic collaborative effort which expands on and transforms the original song, and which encompasses a variety of electronic genres. What makes the EP so exciting is that each artists’ own distinctly individual sound and style shines through in their remixes, with each track offering a completely fresh and unique interpretation of ‘Flow’. This ultimately culminates in an EP in which no two tracks sound alike.

On their decision to explore a collaborative project, vocalist Josh Riley says “I think from the inception of Portal we opened ourselves up as collaborators with tracks featuring Jeremy Loops and Bonj Mpanza. Now that we are in the process of a creative shift, naturally we were drawn towards the agenda of curating creative experiences with other creatives. A Remix EP is the perfect way to do that because, each remixer can treat it how they want and paint the canvas freely – this is what we want, this is the space we are in; you could call it childlike expression.”

The Flow Remix EP is the latest move in a vast change in direction for the band as they continue on their mission to curate and create music which explores the boundaries of sound and creativity, ultimately taking their music further.

“Grassy Spark – Flow Remix Collection” EP Out Now

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