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GoldenEye 007 Remaster Footage Leaks Over a Decade After Cancellation

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After over a decade, the first footage from the Goldeneye 007 remaster has been leaked. The iconic first-person shooter was originally developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. It’s based on the 1995 James Bond movie Goldeneye and it changed the landscape for the first-person shooter genre. Gamers kept their Nintendo 64s for years after to dust off on special occasions for old school multiplayer fun. So, when it was announced in 2007 that the game was being ported to the Xbox Live Arcade, there was a ton of excitement.

Sadly, 2007 came and went with no Goldeneye 007 in the Xbox Live Arcade. Rare was the studio that originally developed the game, but there were some licensing problems, partly having to do with Nintendo. When it came down to it, there were several other roadblocks that halted the remaster’s release. In 2008, Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton, said, “It’s incredibly hard to solve because there’s so many license holders involved. You’ve got the guys that own the license to the gaming rights now, the guys that have the license to Bond as an IP, and there are umpteen licensees.”

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Now, we are all having our first looks at what the Goldeneye 007 remaster would have been like. There’s a few hours of gameplay footage, which also shows off some multiplayer action, and it looks really good, even for a game that was supposed to have been released 14 years ago. As it turns out, part of the reason it looks so good is because the leaked video was uploaded to run at 4K and 60 frames per second. With that being said, it still looks like something that Xbox 360 players would have spent years playing.

As for seeing the Goldeneye 007 remaster hit the shelves any time soon, that is unclear. If it were to happen, MGM would be the first hurdle to get over, since the own the rights to James Bond. A remaster was rumored to be in development back in 2020, but the studio allegedly shut it down without offering a reason. Whatever the case may be, the leaked footage has amassed well over 200,000 views in just two days and the comments section is full of people wondering how they can get their hands on a playable remaster.


While it doesn’t look like the Goldeneye 007 2007 remaster will be coming out officially, the uploader of the leaked video did say that he/she believes that a port will be available at some point this year. If so, there are going to be a lot of happy gamers preparing to throw some online multiplayer parties. You can check out the leaked footage, which is different from a recent 4chan leak, above, thanks to the GrasLu00 YouTube channel.

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